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​​The Souplings campaign was designed to generate significant buzz and engagement across earned and social media for the classic combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup. A mission that aligned with the brand’s goal of bringing joy to the simple things in life. To rekindle America’s love affair for this inseparable flavor pairing, Kraft Singles understood the importance of presenting it in a fresh, never-before-seen way. By leveraging creative strategies and understanding the dynamic preferences of the foodie community, the campaign captured attention, ignited enthusiasm, and ultimately reaffirmed America's enduring affection for this age-old culinary tradition.​ 


As the U.S. continues to diversify and globalize, America’s tastes are changing too. Kraft singles’ challenge was to find a way to adapt to a rapidly evolving food landscape while staying true to classic American Flavors.  

The fact of the matter is there’s nothing more joyful than dipping a toasty, melty grilled cheese in creamy tomato soup. But what happens when we turn that dipping into a dumpling?  

Enter a first of it’s kind offering: Grilled Cheese + Tomato Souplings. For this ambitious endeavor, we sought the culinary expertise of Chef Shirley Chung, renowned for her innovative fusion of American and Chinese comfort foods. She was the perfect candidate to reinvent this iconic meal while preserving its authenticity. And reinvent it, she did – by encapsulating the essence of melty grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup within a single, delectable dumpling. This unique collaboration was available both nationwide on Goldbelly (America's leading direct-to-consumer food marketplace) and at Chef Shirley Chung's LA restaurant. The campaign didn't stop there; it extended its reach into social media. Kraft Singles and Shirley Chung took to their respective channels, sharing captivating launch videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and mouthwatering posts. 


This unique collaboration quickly captured the nation's attention, available both nationwide and at Chef Shirley Chung's LA restaurant. It didn't take long for major news outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, along with prestigious online platforms like Forbes, TODAY, and Food Network, to feature this ground-breaking culinary creation.  

Through captivating social storytelling, we celebrated classic American flavors, sparking inspiration and engagement across diverse audiences that collectively reached 12 million hungry food enthusiasts. Notably, our TikTok videos boasted a 9% completion rate, demonstrating strong audience connection. And organic UGC generated over 286k engagements and views across social channels.  

Souplings proved so popular on Goldbelly, that their availability was extended by an additional three months to meet the soaring demand.  

The outcomes were truly remarkable, far surpassing our initial expectations. The campaign delivered an impressive ROI, accumulating a staggering 468 million earned media impressions, more than doubling our initial goal. This success underscores our strategic use of talent, ability to create compelling content on social media, and adeptness in engaging with culturally relevant conversations.  

In this culinary adventure, our role was pivotal, steering the campaign towards resounding success. Our strategic approach, creative prowess, and talent collaboration brought the iconic Grilled Cheese + Tomato Souplings to life, reigniting America's love for a classic combination in a never-before-seen way. 


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The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz

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