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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Sony TikTok

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Sony’s purpose is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. The @Sony social media channels support our brand purpose by tapping into passionate communities of interest within our core business categories: movies, TV shows, anime, music, gaming, electronics, and technological innovations.

A primary objective for our marketing team is to keep Sony top of mind—both for existing Sony fans as well as people who may not be familiar with all of our operating companies. In particular, we have been focusing on reaching the Gen Z audience, which doesn’t have as strong of an affinity for the brand as older demographics. With this goal in mind, we launched the @Sony TikTok a little less than two years ago in order to meet Gen Z where they spend their time.

As TikTok tells everyone: Make TikToks, not ads. In order to have a thriving community on TikTok, we have to speak the language native to the channel and its audience. We developed a channel strategy that utilizes our vast content library across the “Sonyverse” in order to tell unique stories to the Gen Z audience in a relevant and engaging way.


Strategy and Execution

Because Sony has a wide range of businesses under the brand umbrella, our strategy to connect with the TikTok community hinges on a heavy cadence of content covering a variety of topics. Whether it’s a beloved movie scene, a world-renowned artist dropping a new music video, unique content from across PlayStation, or the hottest tech gadget—we highlight it all in order to show the breadth of the brand.

Tapping into diverse fandoms requires a mountain of creative work, which is handled exclusively by a small in-house team of social media experts. We post 2-3x a day on the channel, 5 days per week, while also connecting with the community through post comments and replies. This heavy content cadence is crucial (and necessary) for the @Sony account, because we don’t have the luxury of focusing on one title, IP, artist, or product type. To tell the full Sony story, we have to feature all of it.

Every piece of content we post on the @Sony TikTok was created with the channel in mind. We don’t simply repost content to TikTok. Each month we identify specific audience cohorts based on a number of factors including our movie, TV, music, gaming, and product releases; industry events; seasonal and cultural moments; and content trends on the platform. It is a full team effort to brainstorm ideas, capture content, edit videos, write copy, community manage, and analyze performance metrics.

We do all of this because we are also fans of Sony, and our aim is to share our love of entertainment with the community that makes it all possible for us to keep creating and innovating. So, we invite you to check out the channel and let us know how many times you found yourself saying, “Wait, THAT was made by Sony?”


@Sony TikTok Results for 2023 (data shown for 1/1/23-12/31/23)

With all of this success this year, we were able to obtain 1.24M followers (completely organic) on the channel. 

We strategically crafted engaging and authentic content that resonated with our target audience on TikTok, fostering a positive and relatable image for our brand. The result was a notable shift in brand perception, as we successfully connected with users and transformed their perspective through our compelling presence on the platform.


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Sony Corporation of America


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