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Sonic Social Takeover 2023

Finalist in Community Management

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The driving idea behind the Sonic Social Takeover in 2023 was to create an immersive and unprecedented fan interaction experience, leveraging the iconic voice cast of Sonic and his friends to support Sonic Superstars. Our specific goals were twofold: firstly, to deepen fan engagement by providing them with an exclusive opportunity to interact directly with the beloved characters, and secondly, to generate a significant online buzz that would elevate Sonic Superstars to global trending status.

The core concept involved assembling the cast of Sonic Superstars for a day dedicated to fans, during which fans could pose questions and receive personalized responses from the characters. This not only strengthened the emotional connection between fans and the Sonic brand but also showcased the characters' personalities in a new, dynamic light.

To achieve these goals, we strategically promoted the event across Twitter (X) and TikTok teasing fans with the upcoming interaction and encouraging them to submit their wildest questions. The allure of having questions answered directly by Sonic characters in their signature voices generated significant anticipation within the fanbase.

The results of the campaign exceeded expectations, with a record-breaking number of questions submitted, responses provided, and a trending status achieved worldwide for several hours. This success demonstrated the enduring appeal of the Sonic franchise and the effectiveness of our approach in fostering meaningful fan engagement. By combining innovative social media strategies with the beloved Sonic Superstars cast, we not only met but surpassed our goals, creating a memorable and award-worthy fan experience.


Bringing the Sonic Social Takeover to life in 2023 was a dynamic process that required a carefully crafted plan, innovative execution, and a keen understanding of the Sonic fan community. Our approach aimed at maximizing fan interaction, generating excitement, and achieving global recognition through strategic social media utilization.

Plan of Action: Our plan centered on leveraging the extensive Sonic Superstars cast to create a day-long fan interaction event. We strategically chose classic characters, each with distinct personalities, to enhance the variety of responses and engagement opportunities. We enlisted writers from both social media, games, and comics to help craft in-character responses, and developed eye catching visual assets to create sharable responses across TikTok and Twitter (X).

Execution: On the designated day, the Sonic Superstars cast took control of Sega's social media accounts, responding directly to fan questions. To optimize engagement, we ensured a seamless flow of responses, with characters addressing fans individually and collectively.

Key Features:

  1. Personalized Responses: Fans had the chance to receive personalized responses from their favorite Sonic characters, fostering a sense of direct connection and exclusivity.

  2. Diverse Cast Engagement: By featuring a diverse cast of Sonic characters, we provided fans with a wide range of responses, ensuring that each interaction was unique and tailored to individual preferences.

  3. Multimedia Integration: The inclusion of multimedia elements added a dynamic layer to the interactions, making the takeover visually engaging and shareable across different platforms.

Challenges Faced and Overcame: One challenge involved managing the sheer volume of fan questions and ensuring we responded to as many as possible. We implemented an efficient sorting and prioritization system, focusing on the most creative and trending questions to maximize impact. Additionally, we faced the task of maintaining the authenticity of each character's voice, aligning responses with established Sonic lore. This challenge was addressed through collaboration with Sega's creative team and thorough character immersion sessions for the participating actors.

Uniqueness: What set our work apart was the integration of Sonic Superstars into an interactive social media takeover. By allowing fans to directly engage with characters in real-time, we transformed traditional fan interactions into a live and dynamic event. The multifaceted nature of our approach, incorporating personalized responses, diverse character engagement, and multimedia elements, created a unique and memorable fan experience. The subsequent worldwide trend and record-breaking metrics attested to the success of our distinctive approach in elevating the Sonic brand and forging a deeper connection with the fan community.


The results of the Sonic Social Takeover in 2023 unequivocally met and exceeded our team's objectives, marking a resounding success. Our primary goal was to deepen fan engagement, and the record-breaking number of questions answered demonstrated a heightened level of interaction and connection between Sonic and the fanbase. The cast engagement ensured that fans of various characters felt included and had their questions addressed, fostering a broader sense of community.

The second objective was to generate a significant online buzz, and the achievement of a worldwide trending status for several hours validated the success of our strategy. The event garnered widespread attention, not only from dedicated Sonic fans but also from a broader online audience, showcasing the enduring appeal of the Sonic franchise on a global scale.

The unique combination of personalized responses, diverse character engagement, and multimedia elements contributed to the success of our efforts. The campaign's resonance went beyond mere metrics, as it created an authentic and memorable fan experience, leaving a lasting impact on the Sonic community. The positive feedback, social media shares, and sustained conversations around the event further affirmed its success, solidifying the Sonic Social Takeover in 2023 as a benchmark for innovative and engaging fan interactions within the gaming industry.


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