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Sedano's Influencer Program

Finalist in Instagram Partnership

Entered in Instagram Presence


Sedano’s Supermarket is known for its Hispanic products and authenticity, but it faces the challenge of being perceived as a discount grocer for older consumers. Most younger Hispanics see it as their grandparents' grocery store, not theirs. We aimed to make Sedano’s culturally relevant and current to Gen X and millennial Hispanics, to entice this audience to shop at their local Sedano’s. In 2023, our goal extended beyond nurturing relationships with our long-standing patrons – boomers and the silent generation – to fostering connections with emerging generations – millennials and Gen X. We launched an influencer program with creators who are representative of this audience to show how people like them cultivate cultural traditions for their loved ones with Sedano’s.




Overall, our influencer campaign drove over 944.89K engagements, more than 13MM video views across platforms, and more than 13MM total impressions. The impact across platforms surpassed our 2022 influencer campaign performance, leading to 2.3X engagements and 1.8X impressions. The campaign reached our key demographic – millennials and Gen Xers – as the influencers’ average audience is between the ages of 30 and 45, confirming a successful influencer program.


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Republica Havas, Sedano's Supermarkets


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