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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Scream VI

Winner in Multi-Platform Campaign

Gold Honor in Entertainment


In Scream VI, Ghostface arrives in NYC for the first time in franchise history.

But to make franchise history of our own, we knew a killer entrance wouldn't be enough. How could we create a campaign of jumpscares, when everyone knew we were coming?

The answer: do what Ghostface does best, hiding him right behind fans through unexpected digital partnerships, subversive activations, and unmissable collabs, stunts, and social.

Soon, the campaign infiltrated everything about the Big Apple. Breakfast on the morning commute. Strange sightings on doorbell cams. We even hijacked bedtime routines and mid-afternoon TikTok doomscrolling.

A few key strategies helped us ensure Ghostface killed his campaign:

  1. Embrace Ghostface’s trademark wit without losing sight of the fact that he is the last person you want to meet in a dark alley
  2. Embrace the idea that Ghostface can find you on every platform, in every content format — he’s wherever you are
  3. Leverage the full scope of Scream VI — its big city setting meant even bigger stakes, and an even bigger stage

To help one of horror’s biggest stars settle into the city, our campaign had to begin by unsettling everyone else. Here's how it all went down:

Strategy and Execution


With Ghostface moving to the Big Apple for Scream VI, we partnered with Amazon Ring to bring things right to the murderer’s front door — literally. In partnership with the Ring team, we produced a custom spot that paid Ghostface’s apartment a visit for a humorous glimpse through his doorbell cam. The best part? Ghostface was voiced by none other than Roger Jackson, his voice in the films.


Scream films may be soaked in blood — but also meta-commentary. Ghostface took over TikTok Live for an ASMR prop tour, complete with surprise appearances from the cast.


To prove fashion kills, Ghostface stalked Jenna Ortega with a fake appearance at the red carpet of the Met Gala. In 24 hours, the asset earned 12.5MM organic views, 3.2MM likes, and hundreds of thousands of followers and comments — and on TikTok, the post is approaching 6MM likes, making it the most liked organic TikTok post from Paramount... ever.


Could Ghostface's voice be... soothing? We collaborated with Calm to deliver a terrifying, ASMR-inspired "sleep story" narrated by Ghostface himself. Our original script drew fans into the deranged (and hilarious) mind of Ghostface, and into the scariest slumber of their lives.


Leveraging an original script and short clips from iconic Paramount films, we kicked off Paramount's Halloween campaign by slicing together a cross-IP "phone call" that allowed the smack-talking murderer to threaten the entire Paramount library. The spot did what the Scream films do best, stabbing right through the fourth wall, and earning recognition from TikTok in a "Publisher Success Spotlight."


In partnership with NYC bagel joint, Utopia Bagels, we created a menu of Scream-inspired sandwiches available in-store, plus a branded food truck pop-up at several locations in the city. PIX11's local New York City morning news covered the activation, along with Fangoria and dozens of NYC influencers.


Nobody understands villains and games better than Among Us, who re-introduced the Ghostface character skin in-game, plus shared a custom announce asset on social starring Ghostface himself.


We invited 20 influencers to participate in a watch party — for grown-ups. We collaborated with Espolon Tequila to provide a killer cocktail menu and accompanying drinking game inspired by the franchise, ultimately reaching 46MM fans across all our influencer participants on social.


"I'm Home"

"Welcome to the Red Line"

“Fourth of July"


The Scream VI digital marketing campaign slayed all expectations, setting new benchmarks in engagement and reach. Through strategic planning, innovative brand partnerships and a viral social stunt at the Met Gala, the campaign achieved critical success, garnering over 100 million organic views.

TOTAL ORGANIC VIEWS: 100MM+ (Campaign-Wide)

26MM VIEWS Ghostface x Met Gala Stunt

The results of our Met Gala activation exceeded all expectations, with the video quickly becoming one of the top-performing content pieces on TikTok from the event. In 24 hours, the asset earned 12.5MM views, 3.2MM likes, and hundreds of thousands of new followers and comments — and on TikTok, the post is approaching 6MM likes, making it the most liked organic TikTok post from Paramount... ever.

10.9MM VIEWS Ghostface x Amazon Ring Spot

14MM VIEWS "Ghostface Hero Videos"

3.5MM VIEWS Ghostface Calls Paramount Asset

2M VIEWS "Ghostface x Calm App Sleep Story" 46MM REACH Ghostface Influencer Drops

After amassing a new, franchise-best $100M at the box office, Ghostface doubled down on disc and digital, going on to become one of the top horror titles of the year across all channels. Not only did Scream VI outperform its projections to become a top title at-home, but it also set the stage for the next film, with fans clamoring for announcements for Scream VII during each content moment.


Video for Scream VI

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Armed Mind, Paramount


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