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Royal Carribean Hide 'N' Sea

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Our partnership with Royal Caribbean International to create the Royal Caribbean: Hide 'N' Sea experience in Fortnite was driven by an innovative vision. Our goal was to transcend traditional marketing boundaries by offering an interactive preview of the Icon of the Seas, the newest marvel in Royal Caribbean's fleet, within one of the world's most popular games. This initiative aimed not only to generate buzz and anticipation for the ship's debut but also to provide an engaging and memorable experience that mirrored the excitement and adventure of a Royal Caribbean vacation. By integrating elements like the world’s first suspended infinity pool and the largest waterpark at sea into the game, we sought to captivate potential guests and offer a glimpse into the unparalleled experiences awaiting aboard the Icon of the Seas.


The journey to bring Royal Caribbean: Hide 'N' Sea to life was an ambitious endeavor that required meticulous planning and execution. Our strategy hinged on leveraging the immersive capabilities of Fortnite Creative to construct a digital twin of the Icon of the Seas, offering players a unique blend of adventure and exploration. Collaborating closely with Royal Caribbean, Media Hub, and Super Awesome, we crafted an experience that not only showcased the ship's innovative neighborhoods but also integrated fun, hide-and-seek gameplay to engage a diverse audience. Our execution involved a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and producers who worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the game – from the adrenaline-pumping thrills of Thrill Island to the serene beauty of The Hideaway – was represented with authenticity and flair. This careful orchestration ensured that the game was not only a joy to play but also a powerful promotional tool for the Icon of the Seas. We partnered with Super Awesome and Media Hub to drive amplification to the map, making it a full and robust campaign.


The Royal Caribbean: Hide 'N' Sea campaign in Fortnite was a resounding success, achieving and surpassing our objectives in remarkable ways. The innovative approach of introducing the Icon of the Seas to millions of Fortnite players worldwide resulted in unprecedented excitement and anticipation for the ship's launch. This was evidenced by the overwhelming demand and booking rates two months after launch. 

"Despite being on sale for only five months, Icon is significantly more booked for her inaugural season at materially higher rates than any other Royal Caribbean ship launch."
- Royal Caribbean Group CEO, Jason Liberty

"Icon is literally the best performing new product launch we've ever had in the history of our business, and we're delighted with volume and rate and that really is a full 24 product."
- Royal Caribbean International President and CEO, Michael Bayley 

The game's engaging content and the strategic amplification efforts led to millions of impressions, significantly boosting visibility and interest in the Icon of the Seas and marking it the best performing new product launch in the company's history. The positive reception from the gaming community and the tangible impact on Royal Caribbean's booking metrics are testaments to the effectiveness of combining interactive gaming experiences with strategic marketing objectives. This campaign not only set a new benchmark for innovative marketing but also demonstrated the potential of gaming platforms as powerful tools for engaging and captivating global audiences.


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Atlas Creative, Royal Caribbean


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