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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Oatly Works In (Almost) Everything

Finalist in Sound & Music, Multi-Platform Partnership, Instructional Video, Product Feature Video


Milk has enjoyed a few thousand years at the top.

So even though Oatly has been selling oat-based dairy alternatives since the early 90’s, you can see why it still feels fairly new.

We needed to make people aware of the brand and their Oat Drink Semi product and encourage the audience to try it out instead of milk.

Not just as a drink but as a milk replacement in (almost) all instances.

Strategy and Execution

Oatly isn’t afraid of being honest. 

In a world of carefully curated corporate reputations Oatly cuts through by being transparent and thus more trustworthy.

For example, their Oat Drink Semi is the perfect milk alternative most times… but it probably doesn’t work in all instances.

And they’re not afraid of admitting that, which became the big idea: Oatly Works In (Almost) Everything.

To deliver this message online, they needed an authentic channel: content creators on social media. They’re more trusted by our audience to deliver honest reviews than any brand’s message. Why? Because they’re closer to the audience than brands will ever be.

We sourced 46 creators to reach our broad audience range across seven markets (Austria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland & United Kingdom).

The target audience were of all generations over 18, had a variety of interests and, of course, weren’t only plant-based consumers.

Our diverse creator selection reflected the audience’s unique and diverse passions and POVs, such as magicians, comedians, anime artists and traditional foodie creators.

They were briefed to produce fun, authentic and entertaining recipe-themed content on Instagram and TikTok, where our audience goes for #foodinspo.  

We wanted them to create in their own style, have fun with it and really put Oatly to the test in all sorts of recipes.



We collaborated with some of the biggest names in the social (and IRL) food scene to really put Oatly on the map including:

From breakfast to chai, tingly ASMR to sumptuous cinematography, milk rolls to national dishes it was all delicious. 

Well, not all. One creator presented an instance when our oat-based alternative just wasn’t the right ingredient.

The audience appreciated creators’ honesty and Oatly being open to the truth - a refreshing treat for social media.

We knew the overwhelming majority of recipes would work with Oatly Oat Drink Semi and the creators proved it for example:

In all cases, the brand and products were prominently displayed and interacted with on camera and mentioned in captions for extra brand recall.


Direct brand messages work in almost every medium but when it comes to socials, creators proved they’re the best alternative…

Our organic content was naturally engaging with a far reach:

Audience Appreciation:


Video for Oatly Works In (Almost) Everything

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Whalar, Oatly


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