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In a world where traditional art forms dominate the elite art scene; we saw a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo and celebrate the childhood nostalgia of macaroni art. Our "Macsterpiece" campaign aimed to bridge the gap between macaroni artistry and the highbrow world of elite art, positioning Kraft Heinz’s Kraft Dinner, Canada's most popular mac and cheese brand, as a champion of creativity and self-expression. 

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful insight: Macaroni art, a cherished childhood medium, remained conspicuously absent from the esteemed galleries of the elite art world. We recognized this disparity and decided to bring the magic of macaroni art into the spotlight where it rightfully belonged. This was our opportunity to get people talking and ignite passion for macaroni art for a new generation of artists.


We embarked on a mission to change the perception of macaroni art by commissioning an extraordinary piece from none other than Jason Mecier, renowned as the "Macaroni Monet." With 30,000 meticulously placed noodles, our Macsterpiece was born. 

To engage art lovers and recontextualize macaroni art as an artistic medium with legitimacy, we strategically placed eye-catching out-of-home (OOH) advertisements near prominent art galleries, while simultaneously initiated online engagement with our audience, inviting them to join the debate whether Mac art was in fact "real art." 

On World Art Day, we took our Macsterpiece to the steps of Canada's largest art gallery, the AGO, to rally the public and demand mac art be recognized by the gallery elites. It was a momentous event that aimed to prove, once and for all, that macaroni art is indeed a legitimate art form. But we didn’t stop there. We even turned our iconic and recognizable boxes into Mac art canvases, sparking the next generation of Macaroni artistry. 


With a budget of only 20K, our audacious campaign made a significant impact on both traditional and digital platforms: 

8.5 Million Earned Media Impressions: The Macsterpiece captured the imagination of the media, resulting in widespread and positive coverage that reached millions. 

Ignited an Online Debate: Our campaign sparked a spirited online debate among art enthusiasts, challenging conventional notions of art and opening-up new perspectives. 

Inspired a New Generation of Macaroni Artists: By championing macaroni art, we not only celebrated its unique charm but also inspired a legion of new macaroni artists, fostering creativity and innovation among our audience. 

The KD "Macsterpiece" campaign was a bold endeavor that successfully elevated macaroni art from a childhood pastime to a recognized and celebrated art form. This campaign reinforced Kraft Heinz's position as a brand committed to pushing boundaries, celebrating creativity and the artistry that lies within us all.


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The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz

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