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Etsy Seller Storytelling

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Celebrate Etsy’s seller community by highlighting their unique personal stories and backgrounds




In 2023 the Etsy social team implemented new strategies and approaches to storytelling in order to achieve our goal of brand relevance.  With a mix of guided self capture, on set capture, and in-house video editing, we went deeper into the craftsmanship, whimsy and incredible stories found in our seller community.

We told the story of Troy Made It (1.6M plays), a talented ceramicist with Down’s Syndrome whose creations sell out in seconds, as well as Object Lover, a 3D-printing designer whose LGBTQ identity influences their functional art. And last but not least, we showcased the mesmerizing creative processes of our seller community, pulling back the curtain on their work.





As a result, we scaled Etsy’s social influence to new heights, resulting in over 628 million video views (our primary attention metric), the result of double and triple digit increases across all of our social channels, more than doubling our 2023 total (+102% YOY).

This is all the result of the work of our small and scrappy, but talented and mighty, in-house social content team, working with fewer resources than the year prior, and, for the latter part of 2023, a scaled back team.



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