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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

La Casa de los Famosos Mexico

Winner in Regional Campaign

Finalist in Multi-Platform Campaign, Television

Audience Honor in Regional Campaign


The La Casa de los Famosos franchise, based on Celebrity Big Brother, made its debut in Mexico in 2023, and the stakes were sky-high. Since the last Big Brother edition aired in the country back in 2015, media consumption had undergone significant changes. Would the audience re-embrace the format? Would the younger demographic tune in? And would fans connect with La Casa via the 24/7 streaming channels on the ViX?

To ensure project success, a robust top-of-the-funnel social media strategy was imperative. The primary goals included:

Strategy and Execution

The strategy involved producing a high volume of content, tailored for each digital platform and format. Tactical asset distribution was used to reinforce the perception that the show was live 24/7. This approach encouraged viewers to watch the show to stay updated with the ongoing social media conversation.

Digital Platforms:

TikTok: This was the primary platform for show discovery and for reaching younger audiences. The content was engaging and fun, featuring highlights and video memes: Let’s have fun!

Instagram and X: These were the most informative social networks for fans who wanted a play-by-play of the show’s happenings. They followed the main narrative of the program, centered around the television galasDon’t miss a thing!

YouTube and Facebook: These platforms offered mid and long-form videos for a deeper dive into the show. With catchy headlines, extended highlights, and compilations (Team Infierno Epic Recaptranscript here) they helped viewers follow the drama. They served as a catch-up mechanism and connected with users willing to spend time watching the show, aligning with the goal of boosting watch-time on both streaming (ViX) and television: Enjoy the show!

Distribution: The campaign involved more than 22,000 posts across Televisa and ViX social media accounts. Main hashtag: #lacasadelosfamososmx


Pre-Premiere: TikTok played a pivotal role in the campaign’s launch, serving as the primary engine for discovery and conversation. The strategy centered on gradually introducing the participants through live broadcasts, graphics, and planned interactions with the future house residents. The digital host, influencer Pablo Chagra, had exclusive access to the show’s protagonists, showcased the house’s interior on social networks before the reality show began.

Showtime: During the show’s 10-week run, the team actively created content for 17-20 hours daily, making on-the-fly editorial decisions. Once contestants established their positions and conflicts emerged, clear storylines formed. The challenge was to select stories that resonated with the audience. The analytics team played a crucial role, providing daily data reports to guide content creation.

Post-Show: A curated colletion of 'comfort content' was produced to address the fans’ sense of loss after the successful 10-week run. Three La Casa de los Famosos marathons and two podcasts premiered on YouTube totaling more than 30 hours of show.


La Casa de los Famosos Mexico set a record, achieving unprecedented results for the franchise and becoming a social phenomenom in Mexico and across Latin America. The level of engagement with the show was comparable to the FIFA World Cup.




"It’s a revamped Big Brother with very active participation from social media, which has marked recent television history," El PAÍS 

"The reality show made the new generations sit in front of the television -amplified by social networks- as decades ago, a program did not achieve it,” Produ 

I was suddenly talking about this program with people who I never thought would be watching it like I do, on TikTok, at the end of the day, to unwind, to laugh a little,” Vogue Mexico



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