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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Jeopardy! - "Jeopardy! Presents: The Ultimate Second Chance Love Songs"

Gold Honor in Television

Entered in Organic Promotion


Second Chance, Jeopardy!'s event in which producers bring back players who didn't win their game but played well enough to warrant a ... Second Chance ... , has a problem: By its very nature, players who are invited to play in Second Chance did not win enough games (or any games, for that matter) to be truly memorable. And that's an issue when trying to promote a TV show where your goal as a marketing team is to give fans a reason to tune in. 

And so, our objective was to create a social campaign that would do quadruple work: Be entertaining and fun and original (duh); help spread awareness about Second Chance among our fans; remind them who the players that would be competing in this tournament are; and ultimately, tune in because there was a player we reminded them about that they wanted to see compete!

Strategy and Execution

As is a recurring motif in a lot of content — we opted to go the route of bringing back the 90s for this particular campaign. And what harkens back to the 90s better than the "Now That's What I Call the 90s/80s/70s/etc" series of CDs that folks could buy off of the TV. And that's how the Second Chance Ultimate Love Songs Collection was born.

Our aim was to recreate the entire "Now That's What I Call" infomercial motif, from the visual treatment to age the footage, to the scrolling track listing and soft VO, all while transforming the message to support our objective of promoting the show and it's players. To that end, we combined show footage from each player's original appearance and changed the track names to match something memorable they said or did during their episode. 

We also made created additional tune-in messaging posts that consisted of static image album covers to match the vibe of the "infomercial," images of each player on the front and then we added the back cover as a second image in the carousel with each player's "track."

One aspect that's special about this campaign is that we're a small team, with limited budget, and so we created this whole campaign with existing footage and some hard work in the editing bay — and it turned out great.


Fans really turned out for Second Chance Ultimate Love Songs Collection, earning us 314k entirely ORGANIC impressions, and 10k engagements. Reaction that we received on our YouTube post included comments like:

Besides validation from our fans, this is a great example of a piece of content that we come up with in a brainstorm and then executed with very little drop off from point A to point B — this came out exactly as we imagined it, it's exactly what we wanted and does exactly what we wanted, and for that, in our eyes it was 100% successful.


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Sony Pictures Television


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