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HSBC Women’s World Championship – 5D Orchid Holographic Installation

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The Problem

Established in 1877, HSBC has actively contributed towards biodiversity and conservation practices in Singapore and even has its own orchid species “Papilionanda Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank” Orchid commissioned by NParks to honour its contributions- A true honour considering the Orchid is Singapore’s national flower. Despite our efforts in conservation and biodiversity work, many Singaporeans feel that the brand is a ‘distant’ and ‘foreign’ bank that is only here for commercial gains.

However, due to information overload, and shortened attention spans, it is getting harder to retain audience interests and we needed to find innovative and creative ways to break through the noise and clutter to capture the attention and interests of audiences.


Our objective is to get Singaporeans who perceive HSBC as a bank that is disconnected to consumers to see HSBC in a new light by by creating a truly memorable and immersive experience that resonates with our audience; we leverage on HSBC Women’s World Championship (HWWC) tournament to showcase our commitment to “bring(ing) the world's best to you”.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that by associating our brand with a globally recognized event that champions excellence, we can effectively communicate our dedication to providing world-class services and experiences to our customers.

Ultimately, our goal is to position HSBC as a trusted and integral part of the lives of Singaporeans, thereby solidifying our presence in the market and driving long-term brand loyalty.



Igniting Your Senses: Captivating Experiences with the Orchid and HSBC's Legacy

People are inherently more receptive to learning when they are simultaneously entertained. When information is presented in an engaging and entertaining manner, it captures their attention and creates a memorable experience. We have observed that individuals are more inclined to explore and absorb new information when it relates to something they already know or are familiar with.

The HSBC Women’s World Championship presented an opportunity to meet our audience where they’re at and engage them to share the relationship between HSBC and Singapore in an environment where genuine interactions can take place, sparking curiosity, conversations and publicity. It is a highly visible event and presented us the right platform to create deeper connections beyond just offering hospitality.

To encourage consumers to actively participate in the brand's programme, we leveraged on the orchid as a storytelling device. This strategic approach not only engages and resonates with all Singaporeans, who are familiar with the Orchid as a symbol of their nation, but also helps overcome the challenge of perceived distance and foreignness associated with the HSBC brand. Through this activation, we create meaningful connections, foster a sense of pride, and enhance brand affinity, ultimately achieving our objectives of helping our audience see HSBC in a new light through their active participation.

We bring the captivating story of the HSBC orchid directly to our esteemed audience through a multisensory experience that ignites their curiosity and evokes a sense of wonder.


A Multi-Sensory Symphony

While spectating the tournament from the HEX Lounge at Sentosa Golf Club, guests were invited to embark on a multi-sensory journey through our Orchid Tunnel experience.

Drawn in by lower differential temperatures, flanked by floor to ceiling vertical orchid garden walls and fresh garden scents, guests were transported to an indoor garden that activated all senses. Walking on the textured grass carpet deepened their connection with nature as they listened to a calming brand jingle.

At the heart of the tunnel was a 3D display of the “Papilionanda Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank” Orchid, brought to life using holographic technology. The larger-than-life flower came alive mid-air and unfolded every five minutes. Each bloom represents the flourishing of HSBC’s work with Singapore, telling the story of a milestone achieved, a partnership formed, or a community empowered. Audiences were treated to the full exclusive experience of it blossoming in real-time without being restricted by season and location — increasing accessibility of an experience otherwise largely limited to the National Orchid Garden at Botanic Gardens. This was accompanied by digital screens showcasing the history of the HSBC World Women's Championship, taking audiences on a trip down memory lane.

The tunnel provided space for a reflective state of mind - perfect environment for conversations. Ultimately, conveying a message that HSBC is not only here for commercial gains but also to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the local community by ”bringing the world’s best to you”


By bringing together the beauty of nature and technology, our immersive installation informed audiences on the “Papilionanda Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank” Orchid and its symbolic meaning in a captivating, enjoyable manner — with 98% of attendees rating it as a positive experience. It also generated significant buzz on social media, enjoying heightened reach and visibility via the platforms of prominent delegates such as Tatler Singapore. Onsite this was a conversation starter and helped our Relationship Managers’ (RM) open business conversations due to the conducive state of mind that this multi-sensory installation created. We’ve witnessed the Assets Under Management (AUM) of clients go up post the event.

This proves that our strategies have effectively captured the attention and engagement of our audiences, resulting in a notable shift in the perception of HSBC.

These notable achievements reflect the installation's ability to captivate and engage the audience, creating a lasting impression and evoking a sense of wonder. By bringing together the beauty of nature, technology, and creative expression, this installation truly embodies “bringing the world's best to you” providing each visitor with a memorable and enchanting experience to cherish.


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