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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

How To Invest by Julius Baer

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Financial Literacy can make a huge difference on how someone lives their life. A lack of financial literacy can be devastating – on future prospects, meeting basic needs, mental health and much more. A recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that currently, 84% of adults globally in developed economies understand the concept of inflation, but only 63% can actually apply this knowledge to their finances. Even more, 77% of adults understand the relationship between risk and reward, yet only 42% of adults can correctly answer a question about compound interest.

For many, a barrier is access to solid information from reliable sources, such as accredited investment and financial professionals, especially in an easy to consume format. As Julius Baer’s purpose is to provide value beyond wealth, more than just wealth management, this includes education, empowerment, and the ability to make informed decisions.

With the How to Invest series Julius Baer aims to leverage the knowledge we have in house to provide relatable yet solid financial education content and help fill the gap in financial literacy. This was and continues to be done through the How to Invest video series and its related online articles that provide in-depth financial education that everyone can understand and apply to their finances.

Strategy and Execution

As one of the oldest Swiss Private wealth manager, Julius Baer has helped generations with their finances. We also have some of the best Financial and Investment managers in the business, and an engaged audience on social media, so why not leverage it. 

We partnered with our Relationship Managers to source gaps that they see in their clients’ daily lives, and financial knowledge, to make sure we are answering real questions. We also took questions from our community on social media to make sure that our content would provide real value. Working to build a community that can support each other and be a safe space for viewers to have their questions answered, we also sourced feedback and encouraged viewers after every video to send us their questions. Every script also goes through a subject matter expert within the bank to ensure that we are providing the most accurate information possible.

We wanted to differentiate our How to Invest series by combining the successful format of independent YouTubers with the more premium style of traditional bank videos. This meant that we needed to find the balance between being easy to understand and informal, with a professional setup. So we built an interdisciplinary team that included both our content producers and investment communicators to work on the scripts before final review from the subject matter expert. An additional challenge we faced was where to film it. Aiming to provide high production value we needed to go further than just an office space, so we sought out a studio space, and have now created our own studio space to build the unique atmosphere we were looking to create.

Having good content is just one piece of the puzzle, at the end it all comes down to how it is presented. So we partnered with Hannah Wise, a seasoned financial journalist, to help us bring the vision to life and present the videos in an engaging, relatable, and concise way.


Since launch in April 2023 we saw:

We consider our efforts a success because we have been able to consistently produce in depth yet easy to consume financial literacy content, respond to the questions and gaps in knowledge from our audience, and watch our community grow.


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