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Guess My Gargle for Robinsons

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Robinsons, the fruit drink, had recently rebranded to be all about sparking joy and amusement through lively, enjoyable activities.

This needed translating to social.

Following a ‘gargling choir’ TV ad, we needed to create a splash on social and make the brand ‘gargle’ famous with families!


The target audience was ‘modern families’ in the UK and their younger family members who often influence household purchase decisions.

This made TikTok our platform of choice.

And to spark a bit of fun with a joyful activity, we led with a Branded Effect or AR filter. These generate significantly more engagement in user-generated content than a standard video, as users can flex their creativity and self-expression.

To align with the TV spot, incentivise UGC (earned media), and make it fun for the whole family, we came up with the ‘Guess My Gargle’ filter.

The filter had users sing a song or imitate a sound whilst gargling a sip of Robinsons and invite viewers to figure out what the song or sound was.

The filter wasn’t just fun to try, it also emulated viral social media challenges, with users nominating others to Give the Gargle a Go!

To spread the challenge, we collaborated with the hitmakers of social media: creators. We collaborated with a mix of families and young entertainers from within our target audience.


The filter was an easy-to-use, heads-up display. 

  1. First, the filter randomly selected a song, animal sound, or something similar as a challenge.
  2. Then, the person or people on camera took a sip of Robinsons squash.
  3. They imitated the sound or song whilst gargling.
  4. They ended by nominating someone else to guess their sound or Give the Gargle a Go!

To engage a diverse audience, we partnered with 22 creators with energetic personalities from three broad categories: 

1. Fantastic Family Funnies

Family funnies refers to stitched-together content that parents find hilarious. We worked with these creators to bring their heartwarming, hilarious and (most importantly) relatable family content style to our brief. 

2. Making the Little’uns Laugh

Youngsters in the household are ready to follow their favourite TikTok creators down any and every trend. We worked with younger, Gen Z talent who are already dialed into the key communities of sports, fashion and gaming.They created wacky comedy content that stopped our younger audiences mid-scroll. 

3. Extra-Mile Exceptionals

The extra-mile exceptionals take the joke and trend one step further. They used their specific skill or talent to bring our trend to places we never thought possible. This category aligned perfectly with the Robinsons TVC. The creators’ content was inspirational and raised production levels to make the challenge all the more exciting.


Results were strong across the board, with strong organic results, high levels of engagement with the Branded Effect page, and higher-than-benchmark brand recall and intent to get involved. 

This goes to show that pairing the right platform and creators with the brand delivers outstanding results.

Consumer Engagement:

The best performers included multiple people and aligned to the creators’ usual style, showing that we used the right creators across multiple categories.

Engagement and interaction with the filter was strong, with over 1000 pieces of UGC and many more users clicking through to the filter page.

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Whalar, Robinsons


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