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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

AI Starts with Trusted Data

Entered in Art Direction, Business to Business


You can’t argue with the fact that AI is on everyone’s mind; but how do you ensure it’s safe, reliable, and trustworthy? The answer is simple: AI Governance.

The driving idea behind our work centered on establishing thought leadership and increasing awareness regarding the critical importance of AI Governance. As a team, our overarching objective was to position ourselves at the forefront of discussions in the field, contributing valuable insights that would resonate with industry stakeholders and the broader audience. Our specific goals were twofold: firstly, to articulate a compelling narrative around the significance of AI Governance in today's technological landscape, and secondly, to foster a heightened awareness of the need for ethical and effective governance practices in the development and deployment of AI technologies. Through strategic planning and cohesive execution, our team aimed to shape the discourse, ensuring that the principles of responsible AI were not only understood but also embraced by our target audience.


Strategy and Execution

Bringing our project to life was a collaborative journey that epitomized the synergy of individual expertise within our team. Without a dedicated campaign or demand generation manager overseeing the campaign, our approach to campaigning AI Governance was founded on a collective vision. 

The plan of action began with a thorough analysis of the current landscape and identifying key features crucial for effective AI governance. Our diverse team, comprising experts in social, video, and creative design, collaborated to formulate a comprehensive strategy. The execution phase involved integrating our unique perspectives to create compelling and informative content. 

We meticulously crafted social copy that resonated with our target audience, ensuring a cohesive and impactful narrative. Challenges arose in aligning our individual strengths, but through transparent communication and a commitment to the shared vision, we overcame these hurdles. The result was a distinctive campaign that not only addressed AI governance intricacies but also highlighted the innovative nature of our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Also, it’s important to note that this entire campaign was solely organic; there were no paid efforts to promote these materials/campaigns.



The results of our campaign surpassed our team's objectives, firmly establishing our efforts as a resounding success. Our primary goal was to generate significant visibility and engagement in the realm of AI governance, and the metrics speak for themselves. With over 98,000 impressions, our campaign reached a broad audience, creating a substantial impact in the digital space. The accomplishment was further highlighted by the impressive count of over 16,000 video views, indicating not only the breadth of our reach but also the depth of engagement with our content. These metrics not only met but exceeded our initial objectives, underscoring the success of our strategic approach, collaborative execution, and the resonance of our message with the target audience.


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