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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

A Little Joy For a Long Childhood

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Comedy Video, TikTok Presence


Dr. Praeger’s was looking to raise awareness for their overall brand and their fastest growing product, Littles veggie bites.

Not only is brand awareness and product differentiation low in the category, Dr. Praeger’s target believes that frozen vegetables and vegetable-based prepared foods simply do not taste good.

Our target often struggles to get their families to eat a healthy serving of vegetables each day, and feel guilty and embarrassed about the food they actually serve.

So our goal was to develop a compelling social activation to capitalize on Littles’ delicious taste credential and make parents aware of Littles as fun and easy way to get kids excited to eat vegetables.


Strategy and Execution

We created a Mockumentary series that reminds parents what it was like being a kid; giving parents perspective on why they’re not the only ones who need a fun little something to help them unwind at the end of the day.   

Our social videos feature grammar school students who recount insufferable, embarrassing moments endured over the course of their long, hard days. To cope with their perceived stressors, the kids enjoy a tasty, satisfying plate of dino-shaped Littles for dinner.

The idea of “A Little Joy For a Long Childhood” pokes fun at the powerlessness of childhood with the same relatable tone as adults stuck under the thumb of middle management. And while we knew we’d never make dealing with the pointless rules of childhood any easier, Dr. Praeger’s could soften the blow with some great tasting veggies. And that we did, helping Millennial moms get their Gen-Alpha kids to eat their veggies!



A Little Joy for a Long Childhood launched across Facebook and Instagram, and introduced the brand to TikTok and Pinterest. The campaign reached over 13.3MM unique individuals, over a two month flight. On TikTok, the campaign achieved a level of virality, generating over 12K comments, with users recognizing Dr. Praeger's across 11 unique videos. Users fell in love with the character "Ryan K", looking for him in other campaign videos, creating fan accounts and videos to showcase their fandom. The campaign helped to produce brand love on the platform, which influenced co-creation and community building. The platform outperformed platform and brand benchmarks across all platforms, and TikTok specifically produced significant brand recognition, with users actively seeking "Ryan K" on Dr. Praeger's videos, months after the activation completed.


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Deutsch New York, Dr. Praeger's


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