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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

305 Worldwide: Happy CollectionZ for GoGo squeeZ

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Launch Campaign


GoGo squeeZ, the recognizable “green apple sauce pouch” was adopted as a staple in young kids’ lunch boxes, but with this success came a harsh new reality: retailers were dropping support for newer products and the offering was becoming lost in the category that they created. Our client partners came to us with a serious business challenge.

The brand was starting to become soft as other competitors broke into the category with the same base offering. We had already developed the secret sauce for increasing awareness for the staple product consumers know and love; but this challenge was a different beast altogether.

What many did not know was that GoGo squeeZ had an entirely different offering from its base business in its portfolio: a set of products addressing the key needs of developing brains and tummies during the time when their kids need it the most, the first few years of development (Ages 1-5), and for parents learning how to support their formative years.

The problem was that these products had already been in the market with little support, but GoGo squeeZ believed in its offering and vision to support growing kids from a brand they already thought of as “fun and enjoyable”. This is why GoGo squeeZ elevated the pouches into a new line that we branded “Happy CollectionZ” which not only re-introduced its existing products (Happy TummieZ and Happy BrainZ) but also launched a new product that would complete its commitment to holistic growth support “Happy BoneZ”.

Strategy and Execution

We needed to gain extra pantry space in the homes of loyal users by increasing awareness of the functional benefits of Happy CollectionZ. Our biggest strategic challenge was to differentiate from the base business to avoid cannibalization, while still leveraging the strength of the brand.

We leaned into our CultureFirst approach to introduce functional benefits in an exciting way to kids and parents alike, to acknowledge cultural pressures prominent during kid’s younger years.

Through our brand building framework, CultureBranding, leveraging proprietary intelligence, we were able to assess cultural currents and tensions our parents and kids are shouldering. We uncovered parent’s fatigue in keeping up with society’s child growth standards driven by canned medically dictated milestones that did not recognize the hard work that both parents and kids employ during these formative years.

We set out to make parents notice Happy CollectionZ by becoming the brand that supported and advocated for the growth that happens when children choose to do hard things (and the work parents put in to support them). We would become their ally for when the hard work happens. Our leading brand belief:  Every hard moment is a growing moment became the North Star for our creative idea “Everything is Hard Before it’s Easy”.

By highlighting the kids’ small victories, we spoke to parents in a beautiful yet relatable way that mirrored the support that the parents (and Happy CollectionZ) can help bring to growing minds and bodies. We brought to life the adorable intricacies of growing moments brought the product attributes to life. From :30 second film to fun social posts, we engaged parents of small children by reflecting on the moments they get to be part of every day. We disrupted traditional growing frameworks through an integrated campaign across TVC/Video, Social, Digital and Streaming Audio.


Over the course of the first 6 months of campaign launch, ad recall exceeded industry benchmarks for the under 5-year-old competitive set. Additionally:

-Happy Brainz achieved statistically significant Brand Lift results for both Awareness and Ad Recall
-Happy Tummiez was the most efficient campaign of the year with 56% of Total Conversions with the most efficient cost per conversion
-4.6 million YouTube views (in 6 months)


Video for 305 Worldwide: Happy CollectionZ for GoGo squeeZ

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Agency, GoGo squeeZ


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