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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Virtual Training Diary

Finalist in Instagram Partnership

Entered in Medium-Length Video


In this series, Under Armour wanted to shine a light on the intensity of marathon training by partnering with host and producer of MTV's Catfish, Nev Schulman, during his preparation for the New York City Marathon. In addition to being a Catfish-ing expert and Dancing With The Stars alum, Nev is also a dedicated runner — and we wanted to show off what that means for him with our creative franchise– Virtual Training Diaries. 

We released this four-video series in the four weeks leading up to the NYC Marathon and immediately following the race. Each video focused on a different aspect of Nev’s training and preparation, all while providing insight into the overall training experience, how it fed into his progress and goals, and products that helped him accomplish those goals.

Strategy and Execution

The plan was to lean into a lo-fi, video-diary approach for this series to highlight the authenticity of his training. All videos were primarily self-shot as a true video diary so that Nev could give our followers insight into what marathon training is really like. Each video showcased different parts of his training/racing experience, such as challenges he was expecting (and training for) and how he was taking care of himself ahead of the race.



This series garnered 4.6M Total Views across all 4 episodes on Instagram.

It also received 5.5M Total Plays across all 4 episodes on TikTok.

The View Rate across all episodes averaged 44% stronger than the benchmark for our UA Run handle.

The Cost Per View across all episodes averaged 33% stronger than the benchmark for our UA Run handle.


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Under Armour


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