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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Luxury Collection – Itineraries

Finalist in Hospitality

Entered in Animation, Multi-Platform Campaign, Video Ad


With over 120 hotels around the world, The Luxury Collection offers a gateway to the world’s most exciting and desirable destinations and experiences. Given the unique distribution of our portfolio, we set out to educate travelers on the multi-destination journeys (Itineraries) they can take with The Luxury Collection — and inspire them to travel with us.

Our objectives for this campaign were to:

Strategy and Execution

Our Itineraries campaign features a series of social-first videos, each highlighting multi-stop journeys that travelers can experience with The Luxury Collection. 

We wanted to clearly showcase each hotel and destination in an inspiring way without overwhelming viewers or taking away from the aspirational tone of our content. We also wanted to show the continuity of each itinerary, clearly displaying that each destination can be visited within the same trip. Solving this challenge came down to video design and the use of animation to clearly show each stop on the journey. To visually showcase “A Journey Through” each itinerary, each video utilized a custom map route animation, drawing the viewer’s eye from one stop on each itinerary to the next. We also included destination markers throughout the video to signal the change in location, while also displaying the name of each hotel at the bottom to drive affiliation back to specific hotels.

To dive deeper into the stories and experiences available on these journeys, we crafted editorial articles for each itinerary on our brand website and linked to them in our social posts. To further drive visibility of these itineraries, we also created Instagram Stories in a complementary style, optimizing for paid social distribution.

On Pinterest, we adjusted our videos to meet the channels’ creative best practices, utilizing 3 native ad formats — Static Pins, Collection Ads, and Idea Ads. For each ad format, we designed a unique photo and/or video asset.

We targeted our audience of Explorers and Collectors on Instagram and Facebook — individuals who are curious about the unknown and always willing to explore or discover something new. We used Interest and Behavior targeting to ensure we were reaching users who value authentic travel experiences. When expanding this campaign on Pinterest, we used Interest and Keyword targeting to engage users who were actively searching for relevant destinations.

We amplified this campaign across Instagram Feed, Reels and Stories, as well as on Facebook and Pinterest via a robust paid social campaign, targeting The Luxury Collection consumer profile. 


Given our primary objective was to drive awareness and interest in these multi-stop journeys with The Luxury Collection, we’re thrilled that this campaign has reached over 61.8 million people to date. Further, this content has amassed over 8.8M engagements and 51.7K clicks to our editorial, showcasing enthusiastic interest in these itineraries. Also, viewers prove to be using this content as inspiration for future travel, as this content ranks in our top performing posts for Saves and Shares on Instagram.

Over the course of the year, we conducted a brand lift study on Meta, which showed a +2.9 point lift in brand awareness and a +1.6 point lift in consideration for The Luxury Collection, proving these itineraries not only inspire new travel journeys, but more specifically, inspire our audience to travel with us. We also conducted a brand lift study on Pinterest, which showed a +5.3 point lift in brand awareness.

We also piloted a Greek Island Hopping itinerary paid social campaign to drive bookings. Year to date, this campaign has driven an additional 7.8M impressions and accrued $1.4M in revenue to our hotels in Greece.

In 2023, we plan to expand this campaign by activating influencers to experience these itineraries, partnering with them to garner earned exposure for The Luxury Collection as well as create content for our channels. 


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The Luxury Collection


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