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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

#BlueManGroup & The TikTok Community

Winner in Community Management

Finalist in TikTok Presence


Creative, obscure, perplexing, blue – these are the things that often pop up when one thinks of Blue Man Group. When the Blue Man Group TikTok account was created, we experimented with different ways the Blue Men would share their understanding of the platform, how they would communicate with viewers and how they would take up space in the TikTok discourse as organically as possible.  

The objective of our strategy was to underscore the relevance of Blue Man Group in pop culture and our society, showcasing their unique approach to participating in TikTok's social landscape. Our aim was to attract new and younger audiences to the brand while preserving the signature deadpan, witty humor that characterizes Blue Man Group. To achieve this, we sought to generate interest by crafting compelling narratives that would draw people in and keep them engaged. Given the long-standing legacy of Blue Man Group, which has been active for over three decades, our objective was to remind the world why Blue Man Group is still relevant and to demonstrate that they are still entertaining, humorous, and pertinent in today's world.  

Strategy and Execution

By actively commenting and creating 1-to-1 interactions with other TikTok creators and users of the platform, Blue Man Group inspired a community to form around their authentic, relatable content and communication style. Users can tell when partnerships are staged and calculated, so when unexpected organic friendships and interactions blossomed with the Blue Men, the community rooted for them which encouraged a new wave of followers who were then fully invested in these different storylines and their outcomes.

One of the main challenges our team faced was gaining the trust and buy-in of different teams, cast and crew members, and convincing them of the value of this strategy for brand awareness and relevancy. Many of them did not have experience spending time on TikTok, so we provided educational content and case studies for them to understand and appreciate the importance of the platform to meet our goals. Additionally, we had to be mindful of producing content that fairly showcased the different Blue Men around the world and encouraging them to have fun with trends and features of the platform. 


We hit 1.5 million followers (+1,580 % increase) and 8.6 million community engagements in 15 months

Blue Man Group formed unexpected friendships and collaborations with various TikTok users through duets, standalone videos, and comments - all organic!

Blue Man Group’s other unexpected comments on unsuspecting users that ranged between 8.5K to 32.3K likes (see screenshots below)


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group


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