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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Blur The F*ckin Lines

Finalist in Storytelling

Gold Honor in Multi-Platform Campaign


Satirical, genre-defying, and keenly observant, The Boys has become a cult hit, subverting expectations for superhero stories. For fan who have discovered it, there’s nothing else on TV like The Boys, which drives its cult fan fervor. 

With season 3 on the horizon, it was time to define this new era of satire for a much wider potential audience, and drive mass conversations around the themes from The Boys – creating widespread engagement and dominating wider pop culture discussions with The Boys unique cultural mayhem.  It was time to Blur The F*ckin Lines.

Strategy and Execution

How do you make fans feel like they weren’t just watching a show, they were living in it? You go so big people can't tell what's real and what's for sale.

The Boys challenges viewers to imagine superheroes operating within our contemporary messed up and corporatized environment. This campaign surrounding the launch of Season 3 set out to blur boundaries between the world of The Boys and our own contemporary world. A manufactured outrage campaign played across Boys social feeds that demanded the release of the extended Director’s Cut of the in-world film Dawn of The Seven. The in-world Vought International social feed released weekly social posts that kept the story going between episodes. Responding to this flood of in-world content, fans began playing along, replying and commenting in what became a gigantic cosplay / fanfic co-creation.

Additional storytelling content extended the show’s world into social feeds. The battle between corporate superheroes and the rebellious Boys would spill across social feeds, with In-World content posts that never break character, as well as self-aware Boys content that often acknowledged that fans were watching a show. These complementary social feeds became living parts of The Boys storyverse, bringing fans deep inside the themes, conflicts, and inner thoughts of the characters.

As fans crept into our world, Vought crept into the real world to satirize pop culture-at-large. Even former presidents weren’t safe.


The Boys Season 3 became one of the most-streamed shows in the world, trending weekly and grabbing media attention all around the globe.  Our unexpected mix of in-world and self-aware content gained 1.38 Billion organic impressions.  We boosted total followers with The Boys gaining 2.4M.  We lifted total engagements to +47.7M. 

Weekly conversation grew and remained relatively consistent throughout S3, with minor fluctuations based on anticipated episodes such as Herogasm and the finale. Our followers quickly turned into fans, creating emotional connections to characters, plot lines, and were committed to supporting their “side” (supes vs. The Boys) through thick and thin. Our follower goals were achieved across all platforms, with Instagram surpassing the 1M mark during the seasons run!


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Movement Strategy, Prime Video


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