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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Star Trek: Fleet Command - Deep Space Nine IGN Roundtable

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Scopely is a global interactive entertainment and video game company, home to many top-grossing, award-winning franchises like “Star Trek™ Fleet Command.” Scopely’s free-to-play games immerse millions of players every day, and continuously evolve to delight audiences for years on end. 

Star Trek is one of the most beloved media franchises of all time, fueled by a devoted, passionate, multigenerational fan base. In particular, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine remains one of the most enduring Star Trek shows in history. Exploring weighty themes like war, morality and spirituality, the series took many risks and boldly went where no other Star Trek had gone before.

As the only game company to bring the entire Star Trek universe to gamers’ fingertips, Scopely knew it had a massive opportunity to ignite Trekkies new and old by introducing an original Deep Space Nine-themed story arc to “Star Trek™ Fleet Command” on the eve of the series’ thirtieth anniversary. However, the thirty-year legacy of Deep Space Nine also posed a challenge, as many younger players may not be familiar with the ambitious series.

By bringing together talent from top gaming media outlet IGN alongside the original Deep Space Nine cast for a rare discussion about the series’ enduring impact, Scopely aimed to deliver a nostalgic experience that would capture the hearts and minds of Trekkies around the world.

Strategy and Execution

Ultimately, the objective of the campaign was to generate excitement for the new “Star Trek™ Fleet Command” and Deep Space Nine narrative arc, drive new players to the game via multiple channels, and give older fans an affectionate dose of nostalgia while welcoming newer players to this chapter of the Star Trek franchise. 

To celebrate the newest “Star Trek™ Fleet Command” storyline and the thirtieth anniversary of Deep Space Nine, Scopely hosted the “Beyond and Back - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Roundtable,” bringing together the series’ iconic cast for a much-anticipated, talk-show-style reunion. Moderated by IGN's Scott Collura and featuring Deep Space Nine cast members Nana Visitor (Kira Nierys), Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien) and Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax), the actors discussed the trailblazing legacy of Deep Space Nine; their behind-the-scenes experiences filming the progressive series; and reaching new audiences through streaming services and video games like “Star Trek™ Fleet Command.”

Scopely’s strategy was centered around creating an emotional connection to Deep Space Nine, by leveraging fan-favorite Star Trek talent and carefully-curated topics to spark meaningful discussions that captured the spirit of the series. By collaborating with media partner IGN–whose core fanbase is rooted in gaming and nerd culture–Scopely was able to incorporate thoughtful tie-ins to “Star Trek™ Fleet Command,” and the new Deep Space Nine content into the discussion. To extend the conversation to new audiences, Scopely used footage from the roundtable to create a multi-platform campaign, deploying snappy, short-form clips across social media channels to successfully drive awareness to “Star Trek™ Fleet Command.”


Through experimenting with a new media format outside of a traditional advertising model–in addition to leveraging IGN’s devoted audience and Star Trek’s loyal fanbase–the media campaign exceeded its projected results, with 1.1 million impressions. 

The integration of Deep Space Nine content into “Star Trek™ Fleet Command” was a staggering success, resonating with both longtime Trekkies and players newer to the franchise. By bringing to life the spirit of Deep Space Nine in such a compelling and thought-provoking way, Scopely ultimately helped to welcome more fans into the universe of Deep Space Nine and experience the joys of one of the most revered and daring chapters in Star Trek history. 



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