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Special Project

Special Project
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eos: Shaving Skincare for Anyone & Anywhere

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eos was coming off an incredibly successful year in 2021. The goal of presenting a more relatable and extremely differentiated shaving brand to young women exploded behind the “Bless Your F*ing Cooch” partnership with influencer Carly Joy. But as we looked to 2022, we knew:

Social listening revealed that young women believed that the polite, precious, and utterly unhelpful women’s shaving category was disconnected from their reality. This was evident in qualitative research too, where women talked about shaving their mustaches, bellies, and arms... but the old guard in the shaving aisle still turned a blind eye to these real and relatable shaving occasions.

Not eos.

Pubic hair, toes, knuckles, mustaches, treasure trails: it was all fair game. Plus, as we learned as our own team members bonded over overlooked shaving needs, body hair is a universal topic that can bring different people together.

Strategy and Execution

We wanted to keep the real talk going on shaving, normalizing honest conversations about grooming and hair. And in a world that’s more divided than ever, it’s something we still have in common. Our less-talked-about parts need and deserve care too. The big idea for this campaign was to shine a light on all the diverse body parts we don’t talk about or showcase in typical shaving ads. But instead of making an ad to tell people how and what to shave, we wanted to keep it real. So we partnered with a truly diverse slate of creators, and put the choice in their hands with an open brief: shave a part you wouldn’t normally showcase. What we got back was an authentic, relatable, and diverse set of shaving testimonials that prove that no matter who you are, and what part you’re shaving, you’re gonna want to shave with eos.

We wanted to keep our “Shaving Skincare for Anyone & Anywhere” campaign unapologetic, real, and social-first, with the goal of destigmatizing how and where you shave. We started with a surround sound OOH campaign in very public, high traffic areas in key metros, to generate buzz and lay the groundwork for our creator collaborations. Then we launched on TikTok with 11 diverse creators who shaved their “unconventional” body part and shared their experience, testimonial style. From hilarious to helpful, vulnerable to vivacious, the campaign normalizes womens' mustaches, treasure trails, knuckle hair, and toe fluff.


The campaign FAR exceeded our goals! This campaign boosted eos’ momentum as the preferred shave brand for Gen Z women, resulting in accelerated market share growth and household penetration.​

eos drove over half of all shave category growth in 2022 and we added an astonishing +120bps of market share, on top of a stellar amount of growth in the prior year.


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