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OKAY, Hyundai

Bronze Honor in Auto

Audience Honor in Auto

Entered in Multicultural Community Engagement


Hyundai’s goal was to increase brand opinion and affinity for its marquee products through culturally relevant content for Black consumers. We embraced its award-winning OKAY Hyundai umbrella theme to create a campaign effort that delivered expanded awareness, purchase consideration and audience engagement. In addition to connecting with the AA community and using content creators of color, it was crucial that we engaged with our intended audience in an authentic, culturally relevant way.

Beyond the focus on AA consumers, the target audience also included diverse communities including BIPOC, women and LGBQT+ consumers.

Phase one objectives:

·   Deliver one (1) creative pulse amplifying IONIQ 5 features and/or technology

·   Identify, target and activate a minimum of four (4) brand aligned influencers with a collective (in aggregate) subscriber reach of 16.5M

·   Drive a minimum of 2.5M views across the campaign (organic and in-feed media)

Phase two objectives:

·   Deliver one (1) creative pulse amplifying PALISADE features and/or technology

·   Identify, target and activate a minimum of six (6) brand aligned influencers with a collective (in aggregate) subscriber reach of 14M

·   Drive a minimum of 6.25M views across the campaign (organic and in-feed media)

We built a campaign with content that appealed to a Black audience while showcasing the benefits of an electric lifestyle (IONIQ 5) and the ultimate family vehicle (PALISADE) leveraging TikTok  to create an interactive, social media movement featuring some of the AA community’s top Influencers, custom creative, in-house content production and content amplification.

Strategy and Execution

Our two-phased campaign was developed alongside Hyundai’s African American (AA) AOR, Culture Brands, for two of its flagship vehicles – the enhanced 2023 Palisade SUV and the brand’s award-winning and game-changing electric vehicle (EV), the 2022 IONIQ 5. We used short form TikTok video content and leveraged both organic and in-feed media.


Phase one was designed to support the need for impactful “electrification education” within the Black community using the IONIQ 5 to align with the automotive industry and brand’s transformative shift to an all-electric vehicle platform. Black and brown communities enhanced education regarding this shift was absolutely imperative to ensure they’re not left behind as vehicle offerings across all auto manufacturers dramatically changes.

To illustrate, content creator and influencer Brother of Color (13,700,000 subscribers) took us on a tour of LA’s best donuts in his IONIQ 5. Emmanuel Duverneau (15,300,000 subscribers) showed us how he uses the power of his EV to upgrade his picnic game. Rodney Lee (4,800,000 subscribers) brought back memories of passing time in the car while mom gets groceries. And Loren Sharice (872,500 subscribers) got us in the mood to have some fun as she took us through some pre-party errands in her Hyundai EV.


Spotlighting the ultimate friends and family vehicle for daily use and memory-making road trips, our influencers showed millions of followers how Hyundai delivers the most intelligent 8-passenger SUV that takes ‘style and substance’ to the next level. And with a cargo of kids and friends, they did it in a fun, authentic and culturally relevant way.

 An adventurous “okay day” is the destination as the Smith Family (1,500,000 subscribers) and Leticia Gardner (1,900,000 subscribers) explore their imaginations. Content creators Kyle and Jade (5,100,000 subscribers) gather family and friends for a fun beach day, while influencers Obi Nwankwo (113,800 subscribers) and Chris Staples (952,800 subscribers) gathered up their buddies for an afternoon game of hoops. As they packed their vehicle for a road trip, the Martin family (2,100,000 subscribers) is amazed how everything fits in the spacious cargo area. In contrast, OMGNikeFinesse (5,300,000 subscribers) and pals pack all three rows with laughs as they explore the vehicle’s innovative tech features.


Our team curated a vetted slate of top AA influencers and TikTok creators, selecting a dynamic group of content creators based on their already established, “street cred” and cultural relevancy within the Black community. In addition, QYOU Media incorporated a creator roster that ensured our influencers would be able to seamlessly integrate and showcase to their audience how our two featured vehicles’ unique attributes, technologies and capabilities authentically fit into the daily lives of families and electric vehicle users. 

By being featured on Hyundai’s and each influencer’s social media channels, we delivered an impactful, viral and culturally authentic campaign that successfully created a buzz worthy conversation featuring our influencers and vehicles.


Not only did our influencers drive culturally authentic and buzz worthy conversation featuring these vehicles … they also drove highly impactful results by delivering performance metrics that exceeded campaign goals and platform benchmarks. 

PHASE ONE RESULTS (Ioniq 5) - Our campaign produced a positive social sentiment within the black community leading to strong viewership with the campaign serving up 4x the guaranteed campaign views delivering 10.5M views! 

Utilizing four (4) influencer engagements,​​ results include:

●  22M total subscribers reached

●  10.5M+ video views 

●  523K total engagements 

○  5% overall engagement rate on TikTok

PHASE TWO RESULTS (Palisade) - Exceeded goals highlighted by a CTR of 1.22% that came in at nearly triple the category benchmark of .45%.

Utilizing seven (7) influencer engagements, results include:

●  17M total subscribers reached

●  6.5M+ video views 

●  373K total engagements

○  5.37% overall engagement rate on TikTok

○  ER was above benchmark



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