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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


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eBay is the OG online marketplace for buyers and sellers, but it has faced twin headwinds recently:

We’ve been developing eBay’s highest-value product categories into distinct sub-brands, with eBay Motors leading the way.  Our mission? Use the power of social media to increase upper-funnel consideration, restore brand equity, and become the most desirable place to buy, sell, and join communities around shared passions.

Strategy and Execution

Offroading is a major subculture of the motors community.  Enthusiasts seek experiences and personal achievement off the beaten trail, and YouTube is where they find inspiration to upgrade their rides and take on adventures.  The client challenged us to make eBay the No. 1 marketplace for offroaders, so we asked wild YouTube creators to select from the 122 million parts and accessories on eBay Motors to turn a 1979 Bronco into a mind-blowing trail beast to conquer America’s most challenging trails.

This epic relay-race narrative dives deep into the collaborative process of building out the Bronco for each leg of the journey, with creators ordering eBay parts to solve challenges in real time.

Offroading enthusiasts don’t want highlights, they want the full journey. We delivered:


This campaign is still live, but as of December 6, the community has delivered:

Though the series is wrapped, its IP will live on as the eBay Modathon Bronco changes hands among creators for more content, and appears at motors events and meet-ups across the country.


Video for Modathon

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The Many, eBay