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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

"Let's Find a Way" Campaign

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Financial Services


The “Let’s Find a Way” campaign is designed to spread brand awareness and build trust within new and existing markets in First Horizon's portfolio. The main objective being to embody and display First Horizon's commitment to building and nurturing personal relationships with their clients using testimonials. Due to the recent merger of equals with IberiaBank, First Horizon also wanted to focus their efforts on establishing brand trust to mitigate the ongoing effects of the pandemic for the bank's clients. The KPIs for this campaign are average form submissions and number of clients seeking help and advice from First Horizon advisors. 

Strategy and Execution

The strategy for the campaign was to present real client success stories to show current and potential clients how exactly First Horizon Advisors can help with their financial goals. By appealing to the target audience's own interests and aspirations, the campaign is designed to establish First Horizon as top of mind and remain dependable throughout the client acquisition process. The budget is optimized based on performance by channel. By demonstrating real client stories, First Horizon showcased their passion and aptness for helping clients reach their financial goals. The "Let's Find a Way" campaign was inspirational and exciting to execute, but it did come with some challenges. For starters, the economic impact of COVID-19 severely affected small businesses and individuals financially. During this time, it was equally challenging and important to tell the bank's story of commitment to helping its clients and the community recover. In addition to overcoming the economic impact of the pandemic, trying to schedule video shoots around busy bankers' work was difficult. First Horizon's advisors focus on helping the clients make their dreams come true, which makes their time valuable and limited. All challenges aside, this campaign resonated with current and future clients and showed them First Horizon is a bank that is here to help. Key performance indicators include maximizing consumer reach and achieving positive sentiment within the bank's business vertical. High inflation and U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate increases continue to impact consumer spending power, mortgage originations, and overall consumer confidence. First Horizon Bank is a sturdy entity that can maintain assistance throughout the ups and downs of each client's financial journey. The target audience includes Wealth & Private Clients, Commercial Banking, Small Business Banking, and Retail Consumer throughout the bank's portfolio of markets to drive brand awareness. The "Let's Find a Way" initiative’s goal is to help build trust with existing clients and showcase credibility with new potential clients. The campaign shows how First Horizon recognizes and understands the unique financial obstacles its clients face and the desire to help them overcome these challenges to reach their goals. 


The "Let's Find a Way" campaign yielded quarter-over-quarter increases in media investment, impression volume and clicks for First Horizon Bank. Facebook drove a +4.3% in awareness brand lift from May to June. Pre-roll video creative concepts garnered an average 53% VCR during the campaign flight. The campaign helped spread brand awareness in communities in new and existing markets and successfully showcased how First Horizon is committed to their client's success and will tailor financial plans to fulfill each client's individual needs. The campaign found large opportunities within audience implementation. Adding many new audiences across the account and implementing additional first party remarketing audiences proved to be another effective optimization during the campaign. Although, the campaign performed well from an analytics standpoint, it also

helped the communities in new and existing markets become more aware of the First Horizon brand and core values. This campaign has been successful in showing the new communities that First Horizon is committed to their client's success and will tailor financial plans to fulfill each client's individual needs. This campaign continues to meet and often exceed KPI expectations. 


Video for "Let's Find a Way" Campaign

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Mindgruve, First Horizon Bank


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