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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Food Network - Instagram & Tiktok

Finalist in TikTok Presence, Instagram Presence


Food Network’s social platforms are another key touch point for fans to interact and engage with a brand they love and trust.  As part of its core mission, Food Network seeks to connect viewers to the power and joy of food, and is committed to leading by teaching, inspiring, empowering and entertaining through its talent and expertise.  Instagram and Tiktok are additional channels by which Food Network can accomplish its mission in fun, unique ways that are timely, topical and… tasty.

Strategy and Execution

With fans who can’t get enough of the brand’s content – the social platforms provide an engaging, and interactive opportunity to serve up quick, delectable original bites as well as adjacent content to linear offerings, ultimately giving fans more of what they want, when they want it.

In addition to sharing the most-compelling clips from fan-favorite TV shows, FoodNetwork's Instagram incorporates bespoke recipes and tips, shares compelling behind-the-scenes videos from unique restaurants around the world, highlights the most-visual user-submitted food content on the internet, and turns show content into shareable memes— yielding a mix of fun yet compelling content for their nearly 13M Instagram fans around the world. 

Food Network's TikTok content strategy marries its status as a trusted food brand - with culinary experts, recipes, techniques, and show footage — with a quirky, trend-driven approach that’s entirely unique to the platform. This combination helps to provide value to the brand’s long-standing fans, while appealing to an entirely new subset of users that delight in its interpretation of the latest TikTok trends. Food Network takes an out of the box approach, jumps on native trends in a way that's authentic, and peels back the curtain to provide unique access to its biggest stars and show sets creating a rich and varied content experience.


The best metrics for evaluating our success are the growing communities of fans on each platform as well as the engagement with the content.

On Instagram, nearly 13M fans and counting from around the world follow Food Network, consuming content such as bespoke recipes and tips (Scalloped PotatoesButter HackTortilla & Egg Sandwich), behind-the-scenes videos from restaurants around the world (Pizza tossingFresh burrataIced Cafe), visually-stunning user-submitted food content on the internet (Hand-kneaded butterChocolate and Caramel GelatoBunny Cupcakes), and shareable memes from show content (like this one).

The Food Network Tiktok page has grown to 3.5M followers and almost 32M likes and provides another key touch point for fans to connect with the brand. The brand’s approach with unique, timely and authentic content has fans eating up content such as: Viral Egg Sandwich (19M views), Sheet Pan Eggs (16.4M views), Garlic Girls (7M views), Guy Reacts - Egg Loaf (3.1M views), Charcuterie Chalet (4.2M views), Potat-nooo (2M views).


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Food Network