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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Archer School For Girls x Teen Vogue: Teen Vogue Summit 2022

Finalist in Education, Event & Experiential

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The Archer School for Girls and Teen Vogue joined forces in 2022 to build brand awareness for Archer's contemporary all-girls education at the Teen Vogue Summit. Archer's mission is to empower young women to discover their passions and reach their full potential in an ambitious yet joyful environment, which aligns perfectly with Teen Vogue's evolution from a glossy publication focused on fashion and beauty to a platform that addresses important social and political issues and encourages young people to get involved in making change. Through this partnership with Archer, the school was able to showcase its innovative and empowering educational approach to a community of like-minded young people passionate about creating positive change in the world.

Strategy and Execution

The Archer School for Girls x Teen Vogue partnership for the Teen Vogue Summit 2022 was organized and executed in just six weeks. This collaboration was a testament to the school's adaptability and forward-looking approach to branding and marketing.

As part of the partnership activation, Archer School for Girls provided a custom networking lounge for summit attendees. This space was designed to serve as a hub for young professionals looking to connect and learn from Teen Vogue Editors and select members of the Archer community. It was a vital component of the summit's programming and allowed attendees to gain hands-on experience in networking while also making valuable connections with different industry leaders.

In addition to the networking lounge, Archer also organized a speaker panel on the main stage. Head of School Elizabeth English moderated this panel. It included board member Jody Gerson, CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group, Vanessa Anderson, Founder & President of AM PR Group, and Archer Alumni. The panel was a huge success and provided a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from eminent female industry leaders about their experiences, challenges, and successes. The meeting was well-received by attendees and offered valuable insight into the challenges and rewards of working in the entertainment industry.

Organizing a panel of industry-leading speakers is challenging, especially within a tight deadline of 6 weeks. One of the biggest challenges was scheduling conflicts. Another challenge was finding speakers who would engage the Teen Vogue audience. It was essential for us to select individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about their industry but who could also deliver a compelling and thought-provoking presentation to younger demographics connecting with them and inspiring them to take action. Finally, there's the challenge of ensuring that the panel is diverse and inclusive. This meant we were looking to select speakers from different backgrounds, stages of their careers, and perspectives to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive discussion. Utilizing our strong community network, Archer found the perfect panelists in Jody Gerson and Vanessa Anderon.



The Summit provided the perfect opportunity for Archer to connect with its target audience and engage with the community of young people looking to make a difference. Through a panel led by the Head of School, Elizabeth English, Archer was able to highlight its uniqueness, which includes a focus on education, activism, and leadership.

Through the Summit, Archer was able to reach a new audience in-person and digitally, strengthening its reputation as a leader in all-girls education. The collaboration demonstrated Archer's commitment to empowering young women and its belief that education should be about more than just academics. The partnership was a perfect match. It allowed Archer to showcase its innovative educational approach to a community of socially conscious young people and helped Teen Vogue continue to reach its target demographic, amplifying its mission of empowering young people to create positive change in the world.

Through the summit, attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of different industries and develop the networks needed to succeed in their future careers. The collaboration also provided an opportunity for the school to showcase its commitment to education and the advancement of women in all industries.

Overall, the partnership between Archer School and Teen Vogue was a success and provided valuable experiences for students and attendees. The school's quick action and dedication to making the partnership a reality was a testament to its commitment to providing opportunities for girls to grow and succeed.

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