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Amazon Fashion Gift Guide Helpline

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Ever get that last minute panic the week before the holidays when you realise that you still don’t know what gifts to buy your loved ones?  

Amazon Fashion was the go-to destination for gifts during the 2022 holiday season - from the latest new item for your trendy brother to a beauty package for your makeup obsessed daughter - Amazon Fashion had everyone covered.

The brand’s target audience just didn’t know it. Yet.

We needed to reach and engage them to consider Amazon Fashion as a big box of gifts by launching an exciting creator-led campaign across Europe.


Our target audiences have three things in common:

  1. They’re either Millennial or Gen Z.

  2. They’re spread across five EU markets (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany).

  3. They’re very active on social media.

And, after watching their social media habits, we noticed something else they have in common: those who watch livestreams or holiday-based videos are 30% more likely to plan early for the holidays.

Our IDEA was to reach our audiences where they spend the most time, the hub of holiday activity: TikTok. This is where we’d introduce the Amazon Fashion Gift Guide Helpline -  live advice and gift ideas ahead of the festive season.


The Amazon Fashion Gift Guide Helpline was a live entertainment event across five markets via TikTok with a festive frosting of social commerce.

To bring the TikTok livestreams to life, we sourced five charismatic creators (one per country) with the same demographics and interests as our target audiences.

Pre: Reach & Awareness

They pre-promoted their livestreams with videos in which they opened the line for gift guide questions from their audiences.

We supported these videos with paid ads. But not any paid ads, we added interactive overlays like Polls and Countdown Stickers which really ignited conversation and created a sense of urgency.

During: Engagement & Intent

The comments helped shape the 40-60 minute livestreams which were also full of live questions and engagement. The creators shared personal stories about their own gifting struggles and built rapport. They provided advice and inspiration on fashion trends. They also delighted the viewers with a few merry prizes from the Amazon Fashion online store.

Post: Retain Hype & Drive to Site

After the live event we further amplified our message by dark posting (not posted from the brand’s channel) 15 second cut-downs of the livestreams across TikTok to drive more traffic to Amazon Fashion’s website (275k link clicks).

And finally we partnered with seven different and diverse, fashion forward creators across the 5 markets to share gift guide ideas to activate visits to Amazon Fashion. 



+1120% Link clicks vs target (456.7K vs. 37.4K)

+84% Reach vs target (58M vs. 31.6M)

+65% Impressions vs target (164M vs. 99.6M)

158M Views (organic + paid)

670k organic engagements. Most of these engagements (570k) came from the live events themselves.

4.1K Saves

And creators @goglinosisters gained over 2.2k followers through the interactive Poll video.



@Kerri McDermott 😘Can't wait I can never stay in my budget 😂🥰

@U.l.y.s.s.e It's seriously stressful to give gifts

@Tara_Manju18 Every year I don’t know what to get for my dad under £10

@Angy_dmp_8 I want to give my grandmother a gift and I don't know what to give her

@Rue / Rubyy Im autistic and this has always been the WORST struggle for me.


During livestreams

@Stressedstudent 😍 nuggets I didn't think on Amazon

@Melany.k22 Please the reff of the set and the size

@Gertianee Thank you Claude ❤️❤️❤️the bag looks even better live


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Whalar, Amazon Fashion


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