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From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Zip 'Can I Zip It?'

Finalist in Financial Services

Entered in Integrated Campaign

About this entry

Buy-Now-Pay-Later brand Zip is a relatively recent entry into the highly competitive financial payments category. Its primary competitors are BNPL brands, like Afterpay, but they also compete for share of mind and spend with established payment brands, like Visa.

Zip had two objectives: rapidly growing brand awareness, and getting Millennials to understand that their latest product, Tap & Zip, is an easy way to pay for items everywhere, every day: from grabbing a coffee, to filling up at the petrol pump, to picking up the groceries, just by tapping your smartphone at the point of purchase.


Why does this entry deserve to win?

Millennials want everything now: from food and entertainment, to shopping and experiences. The only thing holding them back is not having their paycheck available, now. Zip enables them to have their money now, but pay for it later, so they can get more of what they want.


By producing a dynamic new remix of the classic hip hop track ’Can I Kick It?’ by A Tribe Called Quest, we created an instantly recognisable and extremely catchy audio element at the centre of our integrated campaign. This earworm rapidly created highly distinctive awareness for the campaign, and for the Zip brand.

The lyrical call-and-answer of ‘Can I Zip It?’, and ‘Yes You Can!’, repeated across a variety of different payment scenarios, clearly and memorably communicated that Tap & Zip can be used to pay for a wide range of items everywhere, every day.


To demonstrate this, we engaged six of Australia’s most vibrant and socially active personalities, who together were perfect for demonstrating the breadth of items Australians can buy using Tap & Zip. The talent included international tennis star Nick Kyrgios (who used Tap & Zip in our campaign to pay for sporting goods); TV personality, DJ and fashion influencer Flex Mami (fashion);  Masterchef judge and renowned food critic Melissa Leong (groceries); Channel Nine’s The Block judge and interior designer Darren Palmer (homewares); international DJ and professional surfer Fisher (restaurant meals); and popular beauty influencer Rowi Singh (makeup). 

These influencers delivered strong Millennial appeal, drove conversations and engagement across the social platforms crucial to our integrated content strategy, and collectively represented all key spending passions.


Facebook, Instagram and TikTok executions positioned Zip at the heart of Millennial cultural conversations happening across social feeds.

TikTok high impact formats (Top Views, Brand Takeovers) launched the campaign with a bang. Our music-centric idea also created an unmissable launch on Instagram Reels.

Working with six major influencers ensured that high engagement was achieved, as well as excellent organic reach. Radio and online audio augmented the paid reach and frequency of our creative assets.

Online video and a range of OOH, including billboards, transit and retail, added to the campaign scale, delivering the mass awareness needed to elevate Zip into a major brand in the payments category.

Campaign timings were phased for maximum impact. TikTok and Reels were front-weighted in the first week of activity to create an unmissable roadblock effect. OOH, radio and online video and audio followed, to cumulatively build increasing awareness over the following months.


The campaign successfully delivered on the key objectives:


Video for Zip 'Can I Zip It?'

Entrant Company / Organization Name

We Are Social Australia, Facebook Creative Shop, T&DA, New Holland Creative, Avenue C, Zip


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