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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels

Finalist in Global Campaign, Business to Business

Entered in Branded Content, Long Form Video


Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels® highlights the power of play in STEM (science, technology, math, engineering). At Caterpillar, we’re making a big push to support STEM initiatives because we fully recognize STEM will be the foundation for many of the innovators of the future - people who will design and operate the next generation of our equipment.

The Caterpillar Foundation is a strong force within the company focusing in part on human infrastructure, which includes investing in programs to advance workforce readiness, skills development and STEM education. Jobs in STEM are some of the fastest-growing worldwide, and innovations in the field are becoming increasingly critical for tackling global challenges. However, much of the global population faces profound gaps in access to STEM education and curriculum.

We’re also looking to feature new product - the Next Generation Cat Wheel Loaders will redefine what it means to be fully loaded – with high production and low-cost-per-ton performance. And we’re also working to educate customers about the value of our services, so five of the cars highlight key services - Baja Truck (Certified Rebuild), Buggy (Self Service Options), Loop Cars (Hoses & Couplings, Cat Financial), Rip Rod (Repair Options).

Strategy and Execution

Remember the last time you played, that sense of wonder and joy? The power of play is transformative. It fosters innovation and creativity that is in high demand in the workforce. who imagine today, become the innovators of tomorrow. Those are the traits that stimulate new ways for Caterpillar and Cat customers to approach and solve the biggest challenges for this generation and the next. And who better to collaborate with then one of the leading toy brands – Hot Wheels? Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels® is an epic playground, built by the Next Generation Cat Wheel Loaders and other Cat gear, incorporating life-sized versions of the Hot Wheels you grew up playing with.

We brought in professional stunt drivers and track designers and equipment operators from around the country, leaning on Cat machines and technology to bring it all to life. 

Hubert Rowland, a world-renowned course designer worked with a team of world class operators to build a track and a jump that would capture the imagination of people around the world. And he did so using Cat 3D Grade, which allowed him to translate design files to the real world on a gigantic scale. The team dug deep to build the track and later the team built a jump that measured 100 feet long, 20 feet high, 30 feet wide in a matter of an hour. In the process, we were able to highlight the features on the Next Generation Cat Wheel Loaders. These machines will redefine what it means to be fully loaded – with high production and low-cost-per-ton performance. From powerful digging, to accurate loads, to fast cycle times, great technology and fuel efficiency. These wheel loaders will give customers all that and more and were integral in the making of Cat Trial 11.


At the 60 day mark, we have smashed our previous metrics for this type of project. 

Video Views - 34M / Goal 20M

Video Impressions - 133M / Goal 80M

Earned Media Articles / spots - 137 / Goal 60

Earned Media Impressions - 61M / Goal 35M

Global Cat Dealer Participation - 50 / Goal 42


Video for Cat Trial 11: Hot Wheels

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Caterpillar Inc.


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