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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Ancestry - All of Us

Entered in Branded Content, Branded Series


Now more than ever, given the challenges brought on by the pandemic, consumers are looking for ways to feel more connected to their loved ones and seek perspective in their own lives.  This drive for connection and perspective has led us to search for more meaningful ways to live our lives- from our relationships, our jobs, and even the gifts we give.  For the 2021 holiday season, Ancestry and Vox set out to drive awareness and consideration for Ancestry as a gift that builds and strengthens these meaningful connections to our family, our history and ourselves.   

Ancestry and Vox set out to:

Strategy and Execution

To drive gifting consideration for Ancestry during the holiday season, Ancestry and VOX created All of Us, a series of inspiring personal journeys that show firsthand the meaning and connection that Ancestry can bring to people and their families.  Each of these amazing stories spotlighted an artist or creator as they used Ancestry to uncover never-before seen artifacts and information that, for the first time ever, pieced together their own family’s history and brought powerful perspective to their lives today.  Reflecting on their family’s history not only strengthened their connection to themselves and their family, but also their craft- as they tapped their creativity and passion to bring each of these discoveries to life. 

Dancer Sara Perez discovered strength in her Mexican heritage, and paid tribute to this through an inspired, choreographed dance.  And cartoonist Jason Katzenstein unearthed uncanny similarities with the family member his grandmother always told him he reminds her of, brought to life through cartoon.

Sparked by these discoveries, each creator was then able to share the unique gift of a never-been-told story with their family.  Culminating in emotional and heartfelt moments, Ancestry was able to bring these families joy and connection through learning about their history and themselves.            

Strategic promotion across New York Magazine’s Facebook and Instagram handles via organic and dark posts drove our audience to a landing page on that housed each full-length story as well as an interview with the featured talent. In addition, the videos were promoted via Vox’s amplification platform, Concert retargeting distribution allowing us to reach a qualified audience beyond


Ancestry and VOX’s All of Us campaign truly delivered in driving consideration for Ancestry during the gift giving season.  During the campaign we saw significant lifts in consideration to subscribe to Ancestry in the next month (+10pt), to purchase an AncestryDNA kit in the next month (+11pts), and to visit the Ancestry site in the next month (+5pts).   

The campaign also saw success in showcasing Ancestry as a gift that drives connection to our loved ones and ourselves, with 1 in 2 people saying they were likely to explore their family history in the next month and a +5pt lift in consumer views that Ancestry helps bring families closer together. 

Finally, we were able to create an integrated program that celebrates how our shared family history enriches our lives and bring us closer together.  With both videos showcasing new connections and emotions between family members we saw a +7pt lift in consumers viewing Ancestry as a product that helps them connect with their family.



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