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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

A Lenovo TrackPoint Halloween

Winner in Short Form Video

Entered in Animation


Over the past 2 years, Lenovo’s Worldwide Corporate Social Media Team made the decision to bring a large portion of our content creation in-house. This included social media content to support Lenovo’s always-on social media calendar, global events, corporate communications, and the development of various content series.


Throughout 2021, our objective was to test different styles of creative to see what worked best, learn from the results, and then take those learnings to build various content series.

Strategy and Execution

While testing various types of social media creative to fine-tune our strategy, we decided to choose a few fun opportunities in the calendar to fully tap into the team’s creativity. Halloween seemed like an obvious choice. With the objective of creating a brand-level piece of Halloween content, the team went to work to ideate and fully animate the video in-house.


Lenovo is most recognized for the ThinkPad (and the little red dot in the middle of the keyboard known as the TrackPoint), so we thought Halloween would be the perfect opportunity to bring the TrackPoint to life and personify it.


We decided to create multiple scenes where the TrackPoints would animate, pop off of the PC, hop off of the desk, and start making their way outside. All of the TrackPoints would then hop down the street and gather outside of Lenovo’s flagship store in Milan. At the end of the animation, the TrackPoints transform into a large pumpkin right at the entrance of the store under the “Lenovo” sign.


The response both internally and externally was fantastic! We saw an engagement rate on Twitter of 15.2% -- well above our benchmarks.

With successful results and positive comments, we were able to make an educated decision to build on this content series, and double down on more produced 3D animation.


Video for A Lenovo TrackPoint Halloween

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