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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Meow Mix Remix Campaign

Finalist in Pets & Animals

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign


Cats are finicky and their owners switch brands often in search of food their cats like. Meow Mix was no longer relevant or distinct; it became another offering on the shelf. We needed to leverage the brand’s powerful equity, its iconic jingle (“Meow, meow, meow, meow…”), to make Meow Mix famous again as the taste cats love.

Strategy and Execution

The Meow Mix Remix campaign imagines cat musical artists in a wide range of musical genres. The idea was that each piece of content would celebrate a different genre’s take on the brand’s iconic tune, showcasing the idea that cats don’t all sing the same tune, but they all ask for Meow Mix by name. This tied back to the objective of making Meow Mix famous again by leveraging what made it famous in the first place: an iconic tagline and jingle and irresistible taste.

Meow Mix has the variety of tastes, textures, and sounds to make all cats happy. Emphasizing this variety, we created four ReMixed jingles in various genres: pop, country, metal, and Latin, two of which got the full music video treatment. 

To make our jingle the tune that won’t get out of the heads of our audience, the team designed the campaign to show up in a variety of places and spaces – expected and unexpected. 

This campaign lives across a number of channels including (but not limited to) TV, digital video, streaming audio, website, email, and paid and organic social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. With a focus on audio, we created dynamic innovative content for Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music, including sponsored playlists and voice assistant content. What perfect channel partners for a music-focused campaign! 

To round out the campaign, the team leveraged the unique platform capabilities of Instagram to create Meow ReMix MeowFM – a fun, interactive experience that mimicked the experience of streaming audio and allowed fans and followers to listen to all of the incredible cat artists, across multiple genres with just a swipe of their paw. 

No matter the channel, the content leverages our unique brand POV, creative platform and voice to set us apart from our competitors and break through the clutter.


The campaign led to significant improvement in brand health for Meow Mix:


Video for Meow Mix Remix Campaign

Entrant Company / Organization Name

PSOne, The J.M. Smucker Co.


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