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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Mailing-it-in: The storied history of mail in voting

Winner in Data Visualization

Finalist in News & Media

Silver Honor in Graphics

Audience Honor in Data Visualization


As the coronavirus forced the U.S. to grapple with the integrity of mail-in voting infrastructure ahead of the 2020 election, CBS News’ Face The Nation decided to inform their viewers about the history of mail in voting to help combat misinformation. The goal was to crunch the data and information into a simple to understand and digest story, that gives content to the current news issue, and is detestable across all platforms

Strategy and Execution

The CBS News polling unit crunched data to boil down key statistics about the history of mail-in voting. CBS News partnered with a design firm to decide how to best tell the story. The team thought the most interesting and eye-catching way to make this story come to life was on actual postage stamps.

The design team selected which data was most suitable for the storyline and worked to best visualize the information to fit the small service area of a stamp. Tiny pieces of insight took life on the ubiquitous postage stamps to craft a living and breathing educational tool that was used in real life, on air, on social media and online.

CBS News' Face the Nation unveiled the collection of stamps during the broadcast on Sunday, September 27 and then people could see them more across the show’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. The stamps were also shown in a gallery wheel on for a multi-platform presence. By using all of our collective reach we hoped that impressions and shares would outperform traditional Face The Nation content.


The stamps were seen by approximately four million people on air and drove to social media where the stamps outperformed the traditional Face The Nation content by double.


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CBS News


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