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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Lysol #HealthyHabits6Step

Finalist in TikTok, Music & Dance


In 2020, there was no shortage of information about COVID-19, but there was one big problem: it wasn’t spreading as fast as the virus. We were all just too distracted. And, the information wasn’t designed to change behavior. (Scientifically speaking).


At Lysol, it’s our mission to protect families from germs. So, we turned information into life-saving entertainment using the science of TikTok.


This life-saving entertainment had three goals:


Strategy and Execution

Apparently, there’s a science to learning.


When you bring music into the process, you can greatly increase retention.



And, if you add some moves to it, it becomes even more memorable.



In short, when you turn information into dance, you can make anything catchy. So, we created the #HealthyHabit6Step and put it where people are most likely to be influenced by what they see—TikTok.



Every dance move in the #HealthyHabit6Step reinforced a healthy habit: wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, cough into your elbow, monitor your health, and disinfect surfaces. Popular dance choreographer @Keke.Janajah did the impossible: she made it all look good. And, rap superstar Twista gave it an irresistible beat.


We combined this science with a takeover of TikTok. For three days, you couldn’t log-in to TikTok without seeing @Keke.Janajah dancing the #HealthyHabit6Step. She led everyone to our #Challenge page where they could use our song and filter to create and share their own dance video.


As the campaign rolled out, five other popular creators danced for us and showed everyone how they can make the #HealthyHabit6Step their own dance. And, the results speak for themselves.


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** Journal of Language and Memory

*** Global Web Index, Q2 2019


TikTok-ers did what TikTok-ers do—they accepted the challenge and spread it far and wide. One dance with six influencers suddenly gained 815,000 backup dancers and was viewed 4.2 billion times.



And, by turning healthy habits into life-saving entertainment, we gave people a reason to like Lysol when they couldn’t find it in stores.



All thanks to the power of dance.  


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MRM, Lysol


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