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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Jellysmack’s “Oh My Goal” Scores Big Worldwide

Finalist in Facebook Presence

Entered in Sports


Establish a hyper-engaged global community of soccer lovers on Facebook by creating original soccer-focused video content and compiling the best user-generated video clips of news, stories, tricks, and fun training content for the ultimate soccer fan.

Strategy and Execution

Create and publish a steady volume of compelling video content, exclusive interviews, and original series every day for three international pages: “Oh My Goal,” “Oh My Goal - France,” and “Oh My Goal - Asia.” Each page features the best of soccer: professional play, Sunday league, freestyle and even soccer video games. 

Engage with the community and optimize our publishing strategy around the content that fans love the most. 

Use the company’s proprietary social listening platform JellyPulse to identify popular trending themes and stories to inform content creation. Edit and optimize each video for maximum engagement using our exclusive multi-variant testing approach that vets the best video edit, caption, thumbnail and other features so we score big with each post.

Encourage positive two-way conversations and use a friendly, authentic, fan-centric voice that sets the tone for the community. We sound like true soccer fans because we are true soccer fans. Our passion cannot be imitated. 

Our “Oh My Goal” strategy combines creativity, data-driven technology, and insatiable team spirit to cultivate a lively community where soccer fans thrive.


Jellysmack’s “Oh My Goal” captivated soccer fans around the world earning over 20 million followers on Facebook to date across its U.S., France and Asia pages. The channel generated 7.5 billion video views and 160 million engagements worldwide in 2020, making it the #1 most-viewed soccer channel on Facebook for the year.

Last year in the U.S., Jellysmack created, optimized, and published over 14,000 videos for “Oh My Goal.” In the month of December 2020 alone, “Oh My Goal” reached more than 100 million unique U.S. users and generated over 500 million views, making it the second most-viewed social sports channel overall (not just in soccer) in the United States. 

By leaning into trending topics, producing highly engaging content, and connecting with our growing audience of global fans, Jellysmack scored a hat-trick and made “Oh My Goal” the ultimate community for soccer fans on Facebook.


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