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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

ConceptD - Creativity Decoded

Finalist in Micro-Influencer Strategy

Entered in Branded Series


As a brand that makes bespoke products for creatives centered on precision and high performance, the challenge for ConceptD was to stand out among the well-established competitors that have already earned their reputation amongst graphic designers and visual effect artists.

Before entering into the ideation phase of Creativity Decoded, ConceptD understood that the objective must align with the company’s overarching mission statement: “Let Creators be Creators”. This meant providing creators with an open and carefree platform with no restrictions for creation in-keeping with the brand’s identity. Therefore, the ultimate goal had to be the unity of creative communities around the world, with creativity at the forefront. 

Rather than reaching out to a video production studio to produce an ad for the campaign, we reached out to creatives, allowing them to create freely, with the aim of resonating with our target audience and to make an unforgettable entrance to the market.

Strategy and Execution

To begin, a deep analysis of ConceptD’s main competitors and their social presence revealed a detailed description of ConceptD’s target audience; they are extremely passionate doers, creators, and artists – anything but generic. 

However, we began to recognize that as modes of creative expressions develop, these creators have struggled to find machines with the fire-power capable of meeting their imaginations. The need for better performance has led many to repurpose their gaming PCs or settle for general laptops, placing the realization of their complex creations out of reach, and having many of their grand ideas fall short of their full potential. 

As a result, ConceptD knew it would be devoted to empowering and inspiring these creatives. We chose to speculate on what would happen when creativity is set free with the right design technologies which became our launch campaign, “Creativity Decoded”.

To stay true to ConceptD’s mission statement of “Let Creators be Creators”, we relinquished all control of the campaign and placed it in the hands of acclaimed artists, studios, architects, and designers around the world who had already established strong online communities and follower bases, such as LAIR, Zach Lieberman, and Ars Thanea. The creators were allowed to express themselves freely on a passion project of their choosing using the new creator devices. What unraveled was a vast range of spectacular, incredibly detailed creations exploring the realms of 3D, altered reality, and virtual reality. 

We then broke down the creative processes of each partner’s passion project in detail through Creativity Decoded videos. These showed how they had made their piece, documenting the technical creative process in full. Additional behind-the-scenes video episodes dived into the minds of the creators, and their experience of using the new devices. The content was shared across ConceptD social media platforms and through the creators' own communities, and repurposed into dynamic ad formats. The official ConceptD website was made into a creative hub holding all the content in a centralized place. 


The ConceptD “Creativity Decoded” campaign invited a passionate community of creators to discover what really goes on behind the curtain of creativity, which in return generated product awareness and kicking off our social media operations.

Main campaign content was presented on a central hub, the official ConceptD website, and amplified across a number of social media channels and into a variety of ad formats – from bite-sized mobile-friendly shorts to dynamic display ads – to grant maximum access for creatives of all types.

This allowed our community to follow, discuss, and explore what it means to create, which generated over 378 million impressions, over 40 million video views, and 1.5 million ad clicks.


Video for ConceptD - Creativity Decoded

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We Are Social, Acer ConceptD


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