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INFINITI QX60 Social Media Campaign for Korea

Winner in Facebook

Silver Honor in Localization


Korea was a virtually untapped market for the INFINITI brand, to say nothing of the QX60. To increase leads and grow sales, we turned to Facebook to help us demonstrate how social media can have a direct impact on key buying actions. We needed to use a full-funnel strategy to connect Korean consumers with the INFINITI QX60—awareness, consideration, and conversion. Facebook’s pixel allowed us to gather key audience insights, putting our ads in front of the right people at the right time. We educated consumers about the INFINITI QX60 right in their preferred social channel rather than forcing them to a disruptive webpage.

Strategy and Execution

The Strategy

A busy life can pull you in a million different directions. The QX60 is constantly adapting to your needs, no matter where life takes you and was designed to fit all definitions of INFINITI consumers, so we built a campaign that did the same. From an INFINITI study, we know that mobile-first creative significantly increases brand favorability and product awareness, we designed the creative to maximize the consumer’s hand-held experience.

We mapped out a three-step, full-funnel strategy that nurtured leads through every step of INFINITI’s purchasing path: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. The Awareness phase would introduce the Korean market to the QX60 by allowing consumers to choose their own adventure with the QX60, whether it’s shuttling the family to a soccer match, or taking a fun weekend getaway as a couple. The role of the Consideration phase would be to empower users to further customize their experience with real-life scenarios fit to their lifestyle. Lastly, the Conversion phase would be the point at which we deliver a clear call to action, encouraging users to book test drives and highlighting more of QX60’s unique features.

The Execution

We developed a three-phased campaign based on a full-funnel approach, covering each stage of the consumer’s purchase journey—Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Through each phase our mobile-first ads delivered short, snappy messages that stood out in Facebook feeds and on Instagram Stories. They grabbed attention while connecting directly with the desired Korean market.

To first introduce the Korean market to the QX60, we created easy-to-understand and visually pleasing online films featuring the QX60 in our various lifestyle segments. It gave our audience a taste of what the QX60 has to offer and encouraged them to find out more.

We created a Facebook Instant Experience (formally called Canvas), which allows users to select their lifestyle and see the QX60 catering to their needs in lifelike situations. Whether it’s having ample space for a weekend road trip or driving to their kid’s soccer game and back to work, the engaging ads highlight how the QX60 will fit all the different facets of our target’s lifestyle.

We created a series of carousel video and still ads highlighting the QX60’s unique features, each with a clear call to action to book a test drive. Consumers could watch engaging videos, learn more about the QX60, and book a test drive all without actually leaving Facebook. 


Our work made strong online-to-offline conversions for INFINITI Korea by creating an impressive 33% lift in sales. The campaign also increased brand awareness and boosted lead generation with 19.6M impressions, 2.4M video views, and a +14 lift in ad recall (compared to Facebook’s scale of +7, deemed excellent). Website traffic for the QX60 also tripled during the campaign period and drove 172 test drives over a two-month period compared to INFINITI Korea’s average of 19 per month.


Video for INFINITI QX60 Social Media Campaign for Korea

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Critical Mass, INFINITI Motor Company


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