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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Big Small Business Thoughts

Finalist in Business to Business

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Constant Contact is an established leader in online marketing with a mission of helping small businesses, side-hustlers, nonprofits and individuals efficiently and effectively market an idea online. 

Our team was tasked with creating online video, TV, radio and social ads that spoke to the effectiveness and efficiency of our flagship email marketing product, while nodding to our newest and most exciting product - our intelligent website builder.

Strategy and Execution

One thing we consistently hear from small business owners, side-hustlers, nonprofits and individuals is that they don’t have the time to spend on marketing. These are busy people who are often juggling many tasks and specialties at once to keep their small businesses afloat. They’re consistently overwhelmed with the amount of mental energy they have to spend on trying to figure out marketing, a specialty that they have no real expertise in. 

So we wanted to create work that spoke to the effectiveness and efficiency of our product, while being breakthrough enough to stand out and make people smile.

Our insight: When people don’t have their minds occupied with stress and worry about marketing or finding new customers, they’re free to let their minds wander as they go about their day. And who knows what kinds of deep thoughts might arise? Who knows what they might do with the time they get back?

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order? Can you daydream at night? How would Julius Caesar feel if he knew people thought he was a salad? These are the types of big questions small business owners ask themselves when they don’t have the overwhelming task of online marketing keeping their minds occupied.



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Constant Contact


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