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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Sauce Talk

Entered in Branded Series, IGTV


Leaning on an extensive background as a linear TV channel and foremost digital content producer, VICELAND endeavored to create a longform vertical video franchise that is unique to IGTV as a medium. Each SAUCE TALK episode averages 3-5 minutes and is comprised wholly of vertical video content, overlaid with original photography and animated graphics designed to utilize all available screen space. SAUCE TALK's original illustrations tell a visual story and provide an additional layer of humor and expertise to each episode.

From a content perspective, SAUCE TALK employs an integrated approach that touches on multiple VICE brands. To capitalize on the constantly evolving streetwear landscape, SAUCE TALK includes a segment on time-sensitive weekly "drops." VICELAND works in tandem with established brands such as Adidas, Nike, Carhartt, Supreme, and Champion as well as big box retailers such as H&M and Uniqlo to ensure that each episode's drops are on the pulse of fashion.

Strategy and Execution

The introduction of IGTV provided an integral opportunity for VICELAND to continue to experiment in the growing vertical video space. In addition to reformatting existing social-first assets for IGTV, VICELAND launched a high-production IGTV franchise entitled SAUCE TALK. Envisioned as a humanizing look behind the scenes of the enigmatic VICE brand, SAUCE TALK is hosted by VICELAND's own director of merch with appearances by and contributions from VICE employees across all lines of business.

As VICELAND prepares to launch its own branded merch line, SAUCE TALK presents a significant opportunity to engage a captive, fashion-forward audience. SAUCE TALK will organically showcase VICELAND's branded merchandise in forthcoming episodes, as as well as create opportunities for integrated partnerships and linear content in the newly launched Vice Live.


Due to SAUCE TALK's positive reception and loyal audience, SAUCE TALK has been optioned for on-air TV adaptation. And although the platform is still establishing benchmarks, VICELAND saw a 10% increase in Instagram engagement in the first month that SAUCE TALK launched.


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