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Bronze Honor in Humor

Entered in Television


IFC tasked GLOW with positioning their network as an authority in the off-beat comedy space on social. In order to make that happen, we needed to transform the IFC social accounts from content promoters to content producers.

By diving into the wealth of IFC's original series and licensed movie content, we created uniquely eccentric online commentary to help IFC overcome the perception that they're just "that channel with Portlandia." We activated more new fans than ever by offering an idiosyncratic lens in which to view the current cultural conversation. Since we know that online audiences are constantly hungry for new humor, we made sure that the IFC accounts packed the punchlines.

Strategy and Execution

As a nod to IFC's tagline, 'Always on, Slightly Off', we took the approach of being always on trend, but slightly off.

We knew IFC had the opportunity to be more than just another brand with a "take" on the trends of the day. Anybody can do that. We strove to make IFC a brand with a delightfully strange, irreverent view on the current moment — like that person at the party who always has a unique perspective and a witty comment up their sleeve.

Luckily for us, IFC's content is riddled with referential humor and in-jokes — many of which are perfect for social commentary. Using this original and licensed content, we poked fun at everyday trends and the never-ending political circus by creating custom memes, clever tweets, and #relatable videos tailored to shake up the social platforms and make people laugh.


Don't take it from us, take it from these IG users:

"I am cry laughing rn." - @whatthewindblewin

"IFC makes me laugh." - @fredddddddddy

"Well done whoever made this." - @donnakak

"I just hacked up a lung laughing at this." - @charlottes___web

"It just put a huge grin on my face in the morning. 😁" - @arunima.gautam

"I'm loving your posts." - @datingmyselfseries

"Awesome post. Keep it up." - @classicman_d

"OMGee…. I am laughing so hard. This couldn't have been a more perfect video!" - @mommy_soto3

Since shifting strategy, IFC has garnered 119M impressions, 32M Video Views, 4M engagements, and 24K new fans.


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