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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Grand Illusions

Finalist in Weird

About Grand Illusions

Mechanical engineer turned “Tim the Toyman,” Timothy Rowett is regaling YouTube with the world’s most unique toys and optical illusions. Host of the channel sensation “Grand Illusions” with 240M+ views and nearly 900K subscribers, Tim introduces his 30 year collection of over 20K toys to the world. Featuring marvels like an “Assassin’s Teapot” that pours multiple liquids from the same spout to trick piano music, Tim amazes while educating on the history, science and the mechanics behind each item. With a coordinating Grand Illusions Toy Shop, Tim was named one of "the best YouTubers over 50” by The Telegraph is bringing life to old gadgets, and science to a new generation.

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