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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

GE: The Creators Circle

Gold Honor in Live Streaming Video, Facebook Live


Lighting technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years from LEDs, CFLs, HDs, and smart bulbs they now can play a huge role in aiding our life. They can affect our mood, how we see, and even how we create, yet still, most people don't know the difference a light bulb can actually make in their environment. To raise awareness of GE's new HD Refresh, Reveal, and Relax bulbs we showed their impact to people in real-time.

Strategy and Execution

We created the first of its kind-360 livestream on Facebook where we designed and built a set with 3 rooms, each featuring a different GE HD Bulb. We partnered with 3 influencer artists and matched each one with the right light for their respective hustles and let viewers engage with them. A musician with a warm light, for a cozy and relaxing environment like a living room, a stop motion animator with a cool and energizing light, for spaces where you need to stay active, like an office or a studio, and a special effects makeup artist with a light that brings out colors and whites for places like a bathroom or a kitchen.

Viewers could move from room to room to see how each influencer was using their bulb during their creative process. We were one of the first brands to create a 360 Livestream and within a few hours of Instagram Polls launching we used it to effect our influencers work. The whole experience was interactive, viewers could ask questions, decide the next look, the next song, or the next animation, simply by dropping a comment in the comments section.


After songs about laser cats, stop motion animations of a bulb creating and baking pizza, to snake-skinned face looks, our viewers and followers loved it. Over 1 million people tuned in to watch the pop-up live experience. Adweek listed GE's Creator Circle as one of the most innovative uses of the medium and platform.

GE created a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that not only increased awareness of GE HD lighting products, but also inspired people to find the right light for every room in their home.


Video for GE: The Creators Circle

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VaynerMedia, GE

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