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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

13 Reasons Why - Finstagrams

Finalist in Organic Promotion

Entered in Instagram


Coming off one of the most engaging season 1 campaigns in the history of streaming, we were posed with a simple challenge: how do we double down on mobilizing our massive fanbase in a way that's truly unique? The answer: tap into our audience, teenagers, behavior to create secret Instagram accounts called Finstas to develop a truly unique experience designed for the natural consumption habits of our viewers.

Strategy and Execution

We crafted 11 unique and robust accounts that brought each fan favorite character to life through carefully curated in-tone photos, captions, and IG stories from a special shoot with talent. Each account was filled over a few months to accurately mimic a timeline of events as if our characters were posting in real-time and knowing that it's now common practice for 16-18 year olds to archive old photos, our accounts maintained the average of 20-25 photos in feed. Every feed was filled with easter eggs, every post alluded to something in the series from Season 1 or teased the upcoming events of Season 2 and was unlocked in a unique way to drive maximum followers our way.


The 11 finstas we unlocked have seen an amazing 3.6M cumulative followers, over 2M total engagements, and over 1.4M IG story views - all without any paid media support or account verification - making this a truly fan owned inititative.


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Entrant Company / Organization Name, Netflix


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