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Boosted City Summer Tour

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To raise brand awareness, Boosted set out on a month-long City Summer Tour. We met with Boosted riders and fans from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, & New York and made city-specific content that exemplifies how it feels to ride in each place. Immersive videos urged viewers to rethink the way we move and experience our cities. A digital-to-physical scavenger hunt culminated in city-wide last second sprints to a different locations every week, giving dedicated viewers a chance to earn a Boosted board of their own!

tl;dr We designed and executed an multi-platform, city-specific campaign that engages our community of 30k riders and 250k followers both online and on the road.

Strategy and Execution

Each week we visited a new city, hosting dealer pop-ups, group rides, and gear giveaways. We began in San Francisco, then moved on to Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

Action Items:

1. Share epic photos of each city's iconic sites, infrastructure, and unique communities.

2. Create and share an immersive city-specific video to portray the look, sound and feeling of life on board.

3. Meet our local Ambassadors and work with them to host group rides, spreading the word about Boosted, and sharing knowledge about riding a board in the city.

Each week, from Monday to Thursday, we released one of six GPS coordinates that, when the sequence was revealed on on Sunday, gave the location of a Boosted board that was up for grabs. The sequence of posts was as follows:

Monday – Iconic picture of the city, posted on social media.

Tuesday – City video, posted on social; first coordinate revealed on Boosted website.

Wednesday – Photo with a hidden second coordinate, posted on social media. Look closely to find the number, or check the attached photo below for a hint.

Thursday – Reveal another coordinate on the site.

Friday – Photo with another hidden coordinate, posted on social media.

Saturday – Reveal another coordinate on the site.

Sunday–the final coordinate is published, revealing the location of a hidden Boosted. Our team on the ground is ready for the first scavenger to arrive. A Boosted balloon and board box await! Upon their arrival they are congratulated and taken for a scenic ride around the city.


Not only did we exceed our social metric goals, but on the ground we were able to engage hundreds of skaters in each city with demo events and group rides throughout the week. Group rides were organized with the help of our city Ambassadors, who help coordinate local events on Facebook groups such as

Our City Summer Tour Giveaway Winners:

SF - Kevin dedicated his weekend to finding the board. Working as an intern, his life was changed instantly by the having alternative form of transportation at his fingertips.

LA - Jade camped out in the vicinity of the board's location. Seconds after the last coordinate was published, she ran to our team and showed that luck favors the prepared.

CHI - Clay drove from out of state at 3AM with his girlfriend and was waiting for us near the giveaway location. Dedication earned him a board.

NYC - Daniel dodged all of our curve balls as we changed up the sequence the coordinates were released in to level the playing field. This early bird got the worm.

In addition to these lucky few who showed up in-person, we gave another board away online. Congrats to Cody from Nashville!


Video for Boosted City Summer Tour

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Boosted Inc.


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