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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards YouTube Comedian

Comedy isn’t just for smoky clubs or HBO specials anymore. In fact, many of the best comedians are on YouTube, posting videos that range from screwball songs and satirical sketches to sarcastic product reviews and impeccable impersonations. With the freedom to try out material, interact with fans, and collaborate with other creators, YouTube is the perfect platform for comedy, and these comedians were our favorites this year.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of YouTube, enter the Best on YouTube Shorty Award.


Andrew Lowe
In six years on YouTube, 19-year-old Andrew Lowe has racked up 600K+ subscribers and over 39M views on his self-titled channel, with no signs of stopping. Moving out of the house (of his regularly featured and recently married “gay moms”) from St. Louis to LA, he celebrates his independence with the goofy and wonderful music video “I Live Alone.” …
Drew Monson
Drew Monson has been a presence on YouTube since he was 11 years old. Now, 10 years later, his YouTube channel is pushing 1M subscribers and 90M views. The comedian and occasional actor living in LA posts videos of his high-pitched, quick-talking life and times, collaborating with friends like fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson and Pentatonix singer Mit…
Jessi Smiles
“Hey guys!” is the very personable intro Jessi Smiles begins all her videos with, before launching into often embarrassing, sometimes ridiculous, and always hilarious stories about her life bouncing between Miami and LA. Whether it’s candid stories about terrible online dating experiences or “My Thoughts” videos, with occasional drinking mixed in …
Nathan Zed
With a fast-paced style that sends up everything from politics to pop culture to personal experience, Nathan Zed takes to his YouTube channel to post thoughtful, funny videos that often seem like he’s simply talking through his hysterical stream of consciousness. Even though he started the year wanting to “Bring it in 2016,” he found himself appal…
Sarah Baska
Super relatable, current, and hilarious, 19-year-old Sarah Baksa is a popular YouTube presence, with 50M views on her channel. The open and outspoken Sarah posts videos of her rants, her “ratchet high school stories,” and Q&As with fans, among many other random things. Her 775K+ subscribers tune in to hear Sarah spout opinions on everything from h…


Akilah Hughes
Mixing social commentary with wry, sarcastic humor, Brooklyn-based Akilah Hughes has taken the experience of training with UCB and writing for MTV and translated it into her popular YouTube channel. She entertains her 123K subscribers with videos that cover everything from “Intersectionality in Feminism” (and how pizza is the perfect metaphor for it) to her…
Ben J. Pierce
In 2014, Ben J. Pierce went viral with the music video for his anti-gender-stereotype song “Little Game” under the YouTube name BENNY. That song’s message and detailed creative direction brought the spotlight to Ben, who had been posting for years on YouTube as KidPOV, with videos of funny makeup tutorials, sometimes with fellow YouTubers (like in the popul…
Bree Essrig
Sarcasm is comedian Bree Essrig’s stock-in-trade, whether she’s making fun of airheaded teens or Trump voters, and her 300K+ YouTube subscribers couldn’t be happier about it. With guest stars like Elizabeth Banks appearing in her videos, Bree creates characters that uncannily mimic the worst kinds of people, like her ritzy but ditzy Desiree Barnes. As an ou…
Chris Klemens
NYC-based Chris Klemens likes to take to the streets of his city (and others) to interview strangers, plying them with simple questions like, “What do you think of Donald Trump?” and “Do you know who Zayn Malik is?”—reacting to their answers with his trademark sarcasm, and often laughing along with them. With 120K “Klementines” subscribing to his YouTube ch…
Nikki Limo
In November 2016, Nikki Limo turned 30 and started noticing all the hysterically banal “**WARNING SIGNS OF ADULTHOOD**”—a disease that “affects 1 out of every 1 people.” The LA-based comedian still likes to kid around on YouTube, posting relevant, instructional, expletive-filled videos almost every day of the week. Her popular #TastyTuesday videos show peop…
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Rapper, comedian, and YouTube star Tim Chantarangsu, better known by his alias Timothy DeLaGhetto, made a big splash when he played Kim Jong-Il in Epic Rap Battles of History way back in 2011. Since then, he has gained nearly 3.5M subscribers to his main YouTube page, and is pushing 700M views. His online popularity helped propel him to a recurring role on …

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