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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel

Social media is a refuge for the LGBTQ+ community, where members can go to connect, support one another, and educate others who might not have the same experience. With diverse backgrounds, our nominees were some of the best—and most outspoken—advocates for the community this year, projecting their pride in every video.


Ari Fitz
Rising to fame with her role on The Real World: Ex-plosion in 2014, Arielle Scott took her experience in the spotlight and started using it to promote her interests in fashion and androgyny. She headed to YouTube, now going by Ari Fitz, to post videos that touch on her life, gender, and sexuality to tutorials on “How To Grind (Like, Really.)” and …
Bria and Chrissy
Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers are more than just a couple, they are also a singer/songwriter duo, and the masterminds behind the sometimes uncomfortable (on purpose) YouTube channel BriaAndChrissy. Like their album title says, they want you to Face Your Fears, posting videos that help you do that while promoting greater awareness of LGBTQ+ culture…
Kat Blaque
A contributor to Everyday Feminism, the Huffington Post, and PRIDE: feminist activist, illustrator and speaker Kat Blaque takes to YouTube to break down the gender and race dynamics prevalent in today's society. Her channel features a wide variety of content including "WHY RACHEL DOLEZAL ISN'T CAITLYN JENNER" to an LGBT interview series entitled I…
MarkE Miller
Art director and videographer MarkE Miller intimately documents day-to-day life with his boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Ethan Hethcote, meeting in Indiana while still in college and moving to LA to co-found their media company Everyday Productions. Mark and Ethan like to simply enjoy life, living by the mantra, “Everyday is a great day. Let’s do so…
Stevie Boebi
Popular YouTuber Stevie Boebi loves “the internet, ladies, and bread.” She takes to her Stevie channel to discuss all three, though most often she’s posting about ladies: pranking them, having sex with them, and “How to Survive a Break Up” with them. She is a charismatic and fun advocate for the lesbian community, and the LGBTQ+ world at large, ta…


Arielle Scarcella
Arielle Scarcella is a “lesbian who loves LGBT culture” whose quest is to break down the barriers that exist even within that culture itself. She posts seemingly awkward YouTube videos, like “Transgender Woman Shows Lesbian Her Vagina” and “Gay Guy Shows Lesbian His Penis,” that end up being truly enlightening. Her videos allow people who may not fully unde…
Ash Hardell
Minnesotan Ashley Mardell is a YouTuber and stop-motion animator who is open about her bisexuality, posting videos that try to explain her life to those who might not get it. Her ABCs of LGBT+ series is a fun and eye-opening intro for people looking to broaden their specific understanding of LGBTQ+ culture, and the corresponding book of the same name, publi…
Davey Wavey
“Gay guru” Davey Wavey is here to support the gay lifestyle and community however he can, whether it’s with a PSA video, some comic relief amidst serious times, or by donating his time and energy to causes like AIDS/Lifecycle. He takes to his YouTube channel to post videos that are sometimes advice for gay men (like “Anal Sex Without Pain!”) and are sometim…
RJ Aguiar & Will Shepherd
As they say themselves, R.J. Aguiar and Will Shepherd are “a gay couple interested in demonstrating just how normal gay life can be.” For years they have vlogged on their website notadamandsteve.com, and now they each have popular YouTube channels where they take challenges, answer fan questions, and continue to vlog their everyday lives. R.J. takes to his …
Skylar Kergil
Skylar Kergil is a transgender artist, musician, and YouTuber who has been documenting his transition from female-to-male since the age of 17. Now 25 and living in Boston, Skylar is an inspiration to so many trans people, both those who have transitioned (or are transitioning) and can sympathize with his journey, and those who are just discovering who they …
The Gay Women Channel
Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella are the writer and director, respectively, of The Gay Women Channel, also known as the UnsolicitedProject on YouTube, where they create comedic videos about everyday life as a lesbian. Their newest series Pillow Talk finds the two creators sitting up in bed, commenting hilariously on everything from Stranger Things to “H…

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