13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Art

Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and other apps have changed the way artists both create and share their art—some work with pen on paper while others doodle on their smartphones. No matter how they create the art, one tap shows it to the entire world, and the world has deemed these artists to be masters.


Geronimo Balloons
Jihan Zencirli, aka #Jihanimo, makes “people feel fancy.” The Los Angeles-based creative director turned “master balloon trooper” hand-creates balloons, breathtaking installations, and signature party kits for a diverse clientele, including Chanel and Kanye West. Using social media to promote her @GeronimoBalloon business, Jihan entertains and upl…
Hari & Deepti
Husband-and-wife artists, muralists, and storytellers Hari Panicker & Deepti Nair enchant with paper and light. Finding collaborative common ground in a paper medium, the couple merge their personal artistic backgrounds in creation of layered ethereal worlds and dioramas inspired by Wes Anderson, Hayao Miyazaki, Jules Verne, nature scenes, and tra…
Jessica Walsh
A designer wearing many hats, Jessica Walsh is an enterprising creative director, teacher, author, illustrator, and social media personality. The Sagmeister & Walsh design firm partner with over 270K Instagram @jessicawalsh followers regularly uplifts her fans with gorgeously stylized work and color diaries. She recently launched the new @theother…
Shawna X
Visual designer, illustrator, and teacher Shawna X is making significant strides in the NYC art world. Whether designing for OkCupid, providing design direction, consultation, and illustration for clients including Adobe, Nike, and Twitter, or constructing gallery installations, Shawna transports fans and clients alike with her digital designs and…
Tuesday Bassen
Award-winning illustrator and designer Tuesday Bassen brightens the world through her whimsical imagery. With the successful online store ShopTuesday.com, an impressive client roster including Lucky Peach and Adidas, and the recent opening of her brick-and-mortar Friend Mart in LA, Tuesday had a reversal of fortune in early 2016 with a shocking di…


Gergely Dudás
Hungarian webcomic artist Gergely Dudás (aka @thedudolf) likes to draw stuff. With colorful, cartoon minimalism, his adorable animal-centric series of “can you find” puzzle drawings have shot him to viral stardom, with thousands of followers across social media platforms searching for the polar bear amongst the ghosts or the egg amongst the bunnies. Bringin…
Hayden Zezula
Artist, animator, and branding specialist Hayden Zezula, aka @Zolloc is unsettling the internet. Whether creating bizarre GIFs of displaced baby parts or a gyrating ball of pink legs, Zezula mixes captivating visuals with the uncomfortable. The NYC-based artist (using a solid pink square as his Facebook profile pic) shares eccentric animations with a morbid…
Professional Domino Artist and YouTuber Lily Hevesh builds and designs complex domino displays on a monumental scale. With career beginnings in 2009, Lily’s celebrity is growing in tandem with her ever-bigger domino designs. Using her YouTube channel Hevesh5 to showcase her mind-blowing creations, including the “Amazing Triple Spiral” of 15,000 dominoes, Li…
Jessica Hische
Award-winning lettering artist, designer, and author (under the moniker “That Drop Cap Girl”), Jessica Hische inspires artists and typefaces alike. Combining illustration with her love of sharing knowledge, Jessica’s popular “Daily Drop Cap” letter-gifting site and “Should I Work for Free” flowchart inspire and entertain, while her first book, In Progress, …
Nuri Durr
Nuri Durr is a master with a Copic marker. The Atlanta-based illustrator with Dexter’s Laboratory-referenced handle @ActionHankBeard has been drawing since age four. Specializing in traditional portrait art and stylized caricature drawings, Nuri’s delightfully striking anime creations are bolstered with layers of color and realist detail. Citing inspiration…
Parker Day
LA-based artist and photographer Parker Day “explores identity and the masks we wear.” Shooting on 35mm film, in-studio, and shunning Photoshop, Parker’s unique portraits serve as a rejection of traditional fashion spreads, deconstructing gender and beauty standards in colorful, garish, bizarre, and often uncomfortable Lynchian displays of juxtaposed pagean…

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