5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

The regular deadline is on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Instagrammer of the Year

People are always finding new and improved ways to entertain their fans on Instagram. These 12 instagrammers went above and beyond, using the platform in extraordinary ways. Some accounts make us laugh, some make us cry, and some make us wonder what exactly it is we’re looking at. But these engaging and creative accounts have stood out this past year.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of Instagram, enter the Best on Instagram Shorty Award.


Like a furry Where’s Waldo?, Andrew Knapp has the cybersphere looking for his border collie in all adorable corners of the world. Andrew’s Insta-feed pairs the man with his best friend as they trek their way across the world via VW van. The playful photography game to pick out Momo amongst the attractions has been met with rapid adoration and medi…
The witches and wizards from Harry Potter stepped up their look via this imaginative account, providing fans of the popular series a reimagined take on fantasy’s favorite characters couture. Created by Rachel Bernstein, the page has taken on a viral life of its own, quickly amassing 75K+ followers and press from publications like Cosmopolitan and …
15 year old bubbly sensation JoJo Siwa is infusing Instagram in a world of cotton candy color. The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice award-winning child star known for her two season Dance Moms stint and pop singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store.” JoJo’s singing, acting and dancing celebrity has amassed a formidable social following, with nearly 8M…
Just one year old, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s baby Olympia is already taking social media by storm. Already born with the handle, her adorable and witty Instagram feed is narrated from baby’s POV, admittedly with a little help from her parents. Brimming with new observations, mom and dad reflections, and early learnings from a life on th…
For centuries, art has served as a very serious reflection of the state of the world, with each important event brought to life with the stroke of a paintbrush. Or, you know, a few thousand strokes. With all due respect to the masters, Punk History has a different M.O. This Instagram account is all about annotating old school, Renaissance-style ar…


French artist and collector Thomas Sauvin created an iconic imagery compendium capturing China post Cultural Revolution and providing the world with this rare look into Chinese life. His Silvermine Project that began with the discovery of “anonymous color negatives destined for destruction in a Beijing recycling zone,” Thomas has since accumulated 500K+ ima…
Gary Janetti, “writer and person” who provides the devilish voice behind the sassy Prince George” Instagram sensation. Dedicating his Instagram page to a parody mashup that combines royal headlines with snarky commentary by Prince George, the hilariously biting series of the tyke’s inner turmoils have earned 700K fans and press coverage by NY Times and Peop…
Instagram is going bananas for Stephan Brusche’s art. His work was declared by Time as “the visual movement we’ve all been waiting for,” building an entire career around his newfound “banana art emporium.” From a random lightbulb moment in 2011 about “how pleasant a banana peel is to draw on,” Stephan went full-throttle all in, sculpting and adorning his ne…
A career coated in crystal, Sara Shakeel embarking upon an iconic series of collaged Instagram images as a means of healing and storytelling. The former dentist’s breakout talents have illuminated the internet, capturing 650K+ followers, industry acclaim and celebrity fans. Reimagining the world through crystal-infused glasses, Sara transforms everyday obje…
NY chef with a passion for food and shoes, Kevin Thai is on a global quest for the most insta-worthy eats. Each IG post captures incredible food met with arrows to meal’s components and Kevin’s designer shoes du jour. With 70K+ followers on the account “where Anthony Bourdain meets Kanye West,” Kevin shows his growing fanbase the globe’s most calorie-laden …
South Korean artist living in New York, KangHee Kim is inspiring double taps through unshackled portals into ethereal worlds. The city-dweller eager for urban escape created unique photo trekking dream worlds to impart a feeling of travel from her studio confines. Photoshopping the unexpected with everyday encounters, KangHee’s surrealist photos have earned…

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